The mobile nternet is out of leather traditional search

and the birth of a variety of mobile applications is a good solution to this problem, for example, users can directly view their mobile end video using Flixster, or use the Kyak query flight information. Although these things on the surface is just one application, but the actual meaning is more like a vertical search engine.

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this is not alarmist, but a fact. Today, the mobile Internet is more and more popular, users are quietly changing their search habits and ways. In the mobile application between traditional search engines and emerging, and users are more inclined to the latter. People began to skip the traditional search engine to directly use some mobile applications to find relevant information they need. This fact proves that the role of traditional search engine in the mobile internet field is gradually weakened.

before we talk about the mobile Internet revolution, we must first make clear a problem. That is why between traditional search engines and mobile applications both, users prefer the latter. Of course is not only the users who love fresh things, compared to the most important is the mobile application with the traditional search more advantages.

these vertical search engines to more advantages than the traditional search engine in the mobile terminal. Because of the information they provide more differentiation and accurate, can.

when the user can really get rid of the traditional search methods depend on time, time is the traditional search lonely.

as the saying goes, the plan changes, when the domestic enterprises are to win the fight at outrance major search time, mobile Internet abroad in the field of Yelp and other mobile applications have begun to seize the noble baby market share in the mobile field. He pointed out that in January 8th issued a "New York Times", now the noble baby has been caught in a new siege warfare, and this new model under siege is likely to shake the noble baby’s dominance in the mobile search.

we all know this is a big data era, a variety of data generated every day too many to count the. If the user wants to find the information they need in many information easier said than done littery data. But the mobile Internet is different from the PC, mobile Internet users to take and to find information flow cost. But the traditional search engine is difficult to do in the mobile terminal information and accurate segmentation. So, the traditional search engine has been difficult to meet the needs of users in the mobile internet.

users of mobile applications

baby whether you are searching in the field of noble or PC in the field of mobile search can be regarded as overlord. But this broke into the mobile search search overlord siege warfare is noble baby in an awkward position. The status quo in the field of mobile noble baby is in a wake up for us, the power of the mobile Internet should not be overlooked and may even be completely subvert the traditional Internet model.

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