Local website how to use the local hot spots will double the flow

my approach is to artificially release contains these keywords posts. The following diagram. Some users may be issued containing search keywords and post title. This is the time and place of school characters including murder. How to search also can bring you flow.

2: hot events artificially expand the influence, so that more people are concerned about.

1: select the popular event keyword.

when a local hot spot after the event. As a webmaster you should immediately publish events to their own website. To note here is the title of the content selection. Because you have to cater to users in the search engine search habits. After the emergence of a murder. Users may search the keywords? As shown in the figure is the search keyword. Users may search for a certain school homicide, may also search XX killings. The students were killed or XX. XX place to kill. Time and place of murder. This is our webmaster to consider the possible search keywords including all the more.

when you post these on the hot events after. To flow. You have to do is to guide members to actively participate in the review. You can reply with the vest in the post. Attract people to join in. And to do some about the event content summary aggregate. Guide you to browse more content. Increase of PV. Show more content to the user. As I do about the polymerization summary, the contents of all the summary to the posts below.

3: love Shanghai post included and ranking.

Some people may say The

hot after the incident. Many people may not know this thing. Webmaster to do is to artificially expand this thing to know people. Then we pass ten, ten pass 100, the concern about the event will improve. Here I mainly used is the QQ group discussion and group mailing.

4: the station to guide the hot events.

. I want to get these posts and users may search keywords posts. But love is not included in Shanghai. Or top up. My approach is to ensure that every post on the hot events can be included and rankings. Will you post the link to other forums. Increase the chain to this post to provide post weight and included possible. Let these posts can bring you flow.

site should be good at discovering the local hot news to increase their traffic. Don’t let the traffic run away. In particular we like this small city. A few years are not out of focus. So I will now tell you how I use a local murder of the website traffic doubled. Below is the station traffic growth chart.

this is my business a small local forum forum to increase the use of hot flow. This flow can be said user >


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