How to correctly judge the actual value and competitive keywords

predecessors provide us choose keywords skills is wrong, just to show that these techniques are not perfect, and now in Shanghai dragon is not wise, some of the key words accurately judge the actual value and competitiveness so the author puts forward suggestions.

: how many first included the amount of love Shanghai with relatively more competitive more

the right way: this argument is wrong, I can cite a simple example: for example, we do the weight-loss industry, we all know that this industry is very popular, if we choose "what the most effective weight loss" of the word, we found that the amount collected may reach several million, but because of this the competition is quite large, keywords other weight loss industry included the amount of perhaps tens of millions, so we can judge the relative "how to lose weight is the most effective" in the competition of this industry is small. So, if you see a word in Shanghai dragon Er included the amount of millions, don’t be so nervous, should the amount included in other query keywords, finally can really confirm the words of actual competition, as for how to query, you can use a variety of tools, here is not described in detail.

not included

believes that Shanghai dragon Er on key words are not unfamiliar, the choice of keywords is a prerequisite to Shanghai dragon, the election of a key to optimization can make the late Shanghai Longfeng work effort, but the wrong keywords will make the Shanghai dragon work becomemiserable. There are a lot of theory and method about the selection of keywords online, but I think there are some misunderstandings of the theory and method, by these methods are unable to accurately determine the actual value and competitive keywords.

the correct approach: this conclusion is not scientific, why? In fact, as far as I know, a lot of enterprises is the lack of a special love Shanghai for promotion of personnel, in other words, many companies do not understand the Shanghai dragon, they will only according to the sense to choose keywords to do promotion, and even some the enterprise will put their brand word to do promotion, such as:


This statement does not mean that the

second: love Shanghai promotion how does not reflect the keywords competition degree, a value of

error: love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion is a special offer for enterprise promotion service, keyword click price is very high. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er believes that if the promotion of a key position that many more companies willing to spread the word, so that the keywords competition degree is very high conclusion.

error: most of Shanghai dragon Er believes that a keyword included the page number often is proportional to the key competitiveness, because they believe that as long as the number included more instructions in doing this word there are more people, so that the word is very competitive.

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