Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform feedback acclaim many sites to avoid punishment

consulting enterprise furtherreading:

but at the same time, we found that there are a large number of messages in the unread state, that is to say the webmaster do not know their own site of irregularities in the rectification and punishment missed the best time. So we remind the webmaster timely login again, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, verify the site and improve the contact, pay attention to remind the messages of love sent to Shanghai Webmaster Platform, protect the site traffic and ranking.

as of July 28th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform and anti cheating team completed the first anti spam message push and feedback process. After receiving the message to remind the site, there are 40% sites of the 81% feedback site really complete the rectification through the audit, to avoid punishment.

finally, remind the webmaster friends should always pay attention to love Shanghai official news alerts, also did not see the news also suggest the webmaster friends read as soon as possible, so as to avoid missing the best time to site rectification punishment. Of course, may love Shanghai official news message reminder tool belongs to the local site cheating information, love of Shanghai is made for the problem of cheating to remind. So, here suggest webmaster friends besides reading love Shanghai official message, but also through the official A5 characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) service, make a comprehensive analysis on the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng own site, make a search and users love the site. The official A5 qq:800017899

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