Liu Shanghai dragon how to grasp the overall progress of keyword optimization

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keyword selection, analysis of factors and website of the first three pages of a rival site optimization is necessary homework, a cloud of war will be victorious. Most of the site optimization analysis of the first page of the search engines love rival site, instead of second or third pages of the website ranking, which makes mistakes in the website optimization optimization to determine the time, the website optimization reaches the specified location in the keywords, usually do remedial work unless, keywords appear big changes, will optimize the website optimization strategy adjustment, and second pages, third pages of the website is the real rival, optimize their.

keyword selection knowledge is very deep, I have seen a small website, no more than 100 pages, I optimized the more than 20 keywords, and 10 main keywords, and the competition is still very great, this keyword optimization scheme is doomed from the start, optimization of failure, for a small website, I the suggestion is to take 3-5 keywords, keyword Best is 1, up to more than 2 two. From the following two aspects, one is the factors of energy and money, more keywords will increase the time and cost of site optimization, two is the keyword will affect the increase between the keywords ranking, for example: we also optimize the three main keywords, the three main key words in the rankings. There must be a sequence, in the optimization process, there must be a keyword search engine first to arrive home, at this time, the website optimization generally will inevitably make a mistake: to optimize the other two keywords, optimization and slack or give up on the success of keywords has been optimized. As a consequence, light caused by the keyword has risen to the first page of the decline, while ranking disappear. And if a optimization of the main keywords, three derived from the main key words, this optimization does not cause web weight, increase keyword keyword driven derivative rise will eventually reach the stable, the search engine page.

website optimization for several years, has gone through the keyword confused stage, although the ultimate goal of site optimization is more in order to get search engine Pro Lai, the website traffic has increased, the conversion rate increased, and ultimately achieve economic benefits, but for most of the website optimization, is still stuck in the keyword itself hesitate to move forward on the question of a conversion rate optimization problem seems not the current industry concern, because the customer requirements is the key word ranking; on the other hand, website optimization their energy to care, although the conversion rate is ultimately to website optimization needs to consider, but for most of the website optimization keywords, the rising and falling like is what they care about, here, combined with the author’s experience in website optimization, Talk about some of the progress of the method of keyword optimization control.

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