How to develop novice website optimization programs

1) the optimization direction – to meet the needs of the users of

Assignment of The late

3, the optimization:

search engine users access to the site is to understand the content you care through, if the keyword content and the title of the article are different, if you are a user will stay at your site? Naturally click close, and close again and again will increase the net station bounce rate, according to the site of Shanghai in the course of time love bounce rate and hits to decide whether the content and the title of your website, whether it belongs to spam, so do not want to because the site was down the right, not only by the chain to improve keyword rankings, more need to click through the amount of users and ranking the bounce rate to stabilize the keywords, so the optimization direction first the content should focus on the key words to write, but the premise is to meet the needs of users.

make the website optimization aim is to be able to identify keywords can get love Shanghai ranked in what time, what is the word can bring to a website conversion rate requires special optimization, which words need to insist to get the optimization ranking, eventually bring conversion rate, and these words include website target keywords and long tail keywords, then according to different time needs to make the appropriate adjustments, such as the words seasonal need timely planning, and these are reflected in the website optimization scheme, to how to choose keywords, can use the relevant search and love Shanghai love Shanghai index tools.

1, to determine the site keywords (including long tail keywords)

2, analyzed the top ten websites

> 2)

whether it is to do is to love Shanghai or Google search engine, you need to peer site to conduct a comprehensive analysis, is the so-called: the enemy, baizhanbudai; the analysis of the contents of the web site keywords, including love Shanghai related to the domain of quantity, the total amount, every day included articles included and site keywords layout, website friendship a series of links, because you want to be included in the first peer over Links quality, every day the amount to every effective related domain number of love Shanghai should have increased to the opportunity to get a good ranking, specifically how to do will be third points, specific assignments.

no matter which industry website optimization needs a specific optimization scheme, a good optimization scheme not only is not only to let superiors know how you finish your assignment, to subordinate employees know exactly what work, what is the work step by step, believe that many novice Shanghai dragon wants to know, here is how I make the website optimization.

optimized content including the optimization of the station outside the station, the station is mainly responsible for website content updates, and as the name suggests is standing outside the chain optimization, so we need to optimize the content of the detailed requirements and the construction of the chain direction:

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