Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster alliance to teach you how to do external links

this article there are a lot of people wrote, I think it is your. Because the chain is simply in the election when others give you vote. Give your vote more, then you get the corresponding weight is higher. Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil Shanghai dragon believes that external links are the following, according to the importance of order.

7, other website knowledge quiz: this kind of website to show the probability is relatively high in the search engine, is also an ideal place for external links.

forum and related blog: many of these sites can add the chain. But this kind of website using nofollow or more, we can take a look there is no use, or busy.

information, B2B information: This is one of the sources of access to a large number of the chain. It is best to pick the high correlation of website information, especially the B2B website, or the release of the success rate is very low. Published content is to be readable.


3, Shanghai source: love for love that Shanghai is very effective, for example, love Shanghai Post Bar, quiz, encyclopedia, library etc.. Love Shanghai in these places the weight of special care. The effect is self-evident.

6, links to purchase that charge part, including the purchase of Links and advertising. The form can be either text or picture, but the picture must remember to write ALT. The best way to buy a batch purchase, not all on the line, it is easy to cause the search engine that you buy to link your link weight before buying removed.

4, set up a blog: no matter which search engines on the blog are very love, to the weight included is very high. Please recommend some weight high blog blog, Sina blog: NetEase, Sohu, renren贵族宝贝 blog, blog, blog, blog, blog bus, Blogcn, Alibaba, Ruili blog, blog blog China, is very good. Here I did not improve the love Shanghai space and QQ space, mainly love Shanghai on the two parts of the information will suck, you can test.

5, the soft link: write a good article will get good results, when your article is reproduced, then invisible to obtain a chain, the chain reproduced more, get more.

, 2 categories: category some weight is very high, but the probability is very low for the. For example, the Amazon catalog was included, ranking will organic rate front.

1, Links: this in the first place, because Links are generally used in home or at least two level domain name change. It is obtained from the cake principle from the most weight. (cake principle: when the A is 10 B in the 10 pound cake; 5 pound cake in 2 minutes, to get more than a big cake, and see how many people were there).


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