Start from the details to make your site chain reasonable growth


chain and chain like a pair of jade, with the effect of the chain and in the chain will directly determine the site of the Shanghai dragon effect. Many webmaster in the construction of the chain and ignore the construction of the chain, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng effect is not too obvious. I think outside the chain and the chain as important, also worth the attention of webmaster. And in the construction of the chain also emphasizes the regularity and rationality of the webmaster how to reasonable, construction site regularly within the chain? I will be with their own experience to talk to the webmaster.

site program have automatic tagging function, the webmaster can use the automatic tagging function makes the site within the chain growth. For example, the cool 90 community is using the DISCUZ community program, the program will automatically add with the function of the label. When they finished post when the webmaster can edit posts, posts with tags. Let’s take posts within the site after the label, each page will appear at the end of post column, all the chain to the other page associated with the page content of higher degree, excellent effect in this chain, interested can refer to the webmaster to write the cool 90 community.

The best

magical labels in the chain growth

in the chain is the chain high correlation, namely the chain to the other page page of the page and a high degree of correlation, automatic tagging function of station program is able to complete this task, as long as the full use of the function of the webmaster can make the website internal links and growth. Are high quality links. Imagine each page has a link to the station page associated with the page in the chain of high, our quality is very high, it can make our Shanghai dragon effect significantly improved. And add labels, it may promote the website of a keyword in the search engine rankings.

The current mainstream

sometimes use station program automatically add the label function is not perfect, so the webmaster can manually add. The specific practice is at the end of the posts to add related posts headings and links, believe that the webmaster can. Although compared to manually add automatically add label function is slower, but links to manually add the inner chain is the most perfect. In the chain of high degree of correlation increases the page weights, if a site is search engine included tens of thousands of pages, high quality so that the inside of the chain with the high quality of the chain, can make your site to obtain a large number of visitors from the search engine.

sometimes automatic effect is not always perfect, then we need to go to the owners manual. Although hand to achieve a relatively slow, but I believe that hard-working webmaster should not feel boring. After all, which is directly related to our website of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon effect is directly related to the number of visitors to our website.

Methods to

Qiao rely on the user to make the chain growth

manually edit posts to add related posts

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