The electricity supplier website to get the effective way of flow

CPS is in the store to get promotion in the flow, the actual order and will give promotion expenses. CPS mode mainly rebate network common business platform products PID, to promote the promotion, promotion will give preferential rebates to consumers. Consumers in the store about goods, and tend to search the rebate network to obtain the corresponding concessions, and from the rebate network to flow, most effective transaction flow. At the same time, many consumers will find love commodities in the rebate website, for baby details page directly from the rebate network. The data analysis shows that CPS from entering the rebate network click flow, effective volume is far better than other high traffic.

for small and medium sized business website, promotion mode may not be used to burn, but large electricity supplier website can be considered for promotion, setting the commodity keywords accurately, identify potential target users, improve the traffic volume. Now love is more for the promotion of Shanghai >

burn for promotion

on the Internet to sell things, we must first have a user, for an e-commerce website, in order to get traffic easier said than done. Get traffic and hope can be converted into effective flow, according to their own electricity supplier website operation experience, several effective ways of sharing traffic.

the past two years, with the rapid development of science and technology, new media has attracted more and more attention, the new media is gradually being used to promote common business platform, micro-blog, WeChat marketing, stores registered their public accounts, release goods in a new social media platform, attracting the attention of potential customers. At present, Taobao Sina and micro-blog cooperation, but also leads to the further social business platform with. In order to get effective flow through social media, the public account is not all advertising, users of the advertisement is very offensive, to which can get the user’s attention, also can attract users to click on the flow of goods, and become the marketing skills, here is not to discuss the furniture body.


CPS, the actual turnover rate

Shanghai dragon search traffic

is a new social media flow

Based on the actual product sales of

has challenged the social search engine, but also can replace the social search engine has become the main entrance flow, compared with the search engine is still the most important, the most simple and most stable way to get traffic. The electricity supplier website for search engines to provide the required content, search engines use the index for users to provide content for the web site traffic main belt. The electronic commerce website is mainly by selling products to profit, if not their own brands, have invested a lot of money, so after Shanghai Longfeng method to obtain the flow is the most direct way, as long as the conversion of high quality traffic to get to our site to bring hope. At the same time, the electronic business platform to brand thinking website, doing fine content, and search engine cooperation, build site traffic, good service.

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