Several common errors of drug website optimization

pharmaceutical company has also begun to site optimization as a marketing strategy, because the network marketing has become a mainstream way, but drug companies generally only know how to do, do good website, open to let visitors see your site on the line, the lack of understanding of the basic concepts such as web site optimization. Original content, the site does not use too many pictures, like JS, in order to make everyone in the process of optimization of low error, I would say that the common mistakes.

keyword analysis and unreasonable insert

keyword analysis is the first step of website optimization, keyword selection determines the website optimization will bring what effect (including site traffic and sales), if the main sex Shanghai search engine, can use "love Shanghai index" to do the main keyword analysis, if Google, can use "Google keyword tool". In addition, the keyword should not only appear in the page title, while ignoring the keyword tag and description tag, general keyword selects five most appropriate, best can write a description of some smooth words.

search engine included "the first look at the title, next is the keyword, description, and general business website in terms of content is website content replacement, title, keywords, description is the same, a large number of duplicate pages will make the search engine that is the duplicate pages, and not included, this is some sites only snapshot away and not included the cause of increase.

falsh, a large number of pictures to beautify the site for effect, but a lot of pictures, too much flash is easy to cause the page size is too large, affecting the page loading speed, if you do the site is very nice, but the viewer in a minute if not open your site, it is also good again no use. JS code can achieve the purpose of optimization, but the JS will be the website overhead to your website, search engines are not what feeling inside.

First, no

second, a lot of pictures, flash, js

third, a large number of repeated articles

The large number of repeat content pages

site internal optimization do, next is the external optimization, that is to say the need for external links, external links can improve the site’s weight, thus increasing the website to improve keyword rankings, can not let their site

At present,

now the company website is no professional website editor, the content of the website is basically a copy and paste others, especially the website of pharmaceutical industry, small web sites to find love to those big content, these websites not knowing the information has already been included in the search engine, other site also copied more than once. The Internet is a original place, a large number of duplicate content, search engines will be on the offensive, but the user experience is not very good.

fifth, the lack of external links


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