Shanghai dragon team how to formulate goals

team targets

company of Shanghai dragon flow of different expectations, will lead to the direction of Shanghai dragon team goals are different, can also have different targets and digital Shanghai Longfeng scheme. For example, the company just need the industry’s high IP and high PV to sell website advertising, then the digital Shanghai Longfeng department should target localization of IP and PV; if the company expects to Shanghai dragon flow is to promote the sales of our products, so the total target of Shanghai Longfeng team should be mainly aimed at the single quantity every day. Different team objectives directly lead to the follow-up work of Shanghai dragon team direction and content of the work.

[introduction] a complete team to face Shanghai dragon, the formulation and assessment team and individual goals. The search engine algorithm is changing, and there is no ranking rules constant, also caused the Shanghai dragon work the effect of uncertainty, many times Shanghai Longfeng personnel should do so just feel is good, but it will not have an effect, what kind of effect are uncertain, are likely to persist for 3 months to get the poor flow. This uncertainty will give Shanghai dragon team goal setting caused some difficulties.

If the

team objectives must be quantified, "enhance the search engine traffic," which is why Shanghai dragon exists, and can not become the target. The target is called the goal is to have a specific operation, can be expected to. So there must be a digital object, for example, search engine traffic within 3 months increased 10 thousand IP, love Shanghai site data of the normal growth of 1 million, 3 months after the implementation of every day more than 30 orders, are specific, efforts to achieve the goal. Set specific numerical goals, according to the website of the current situation, the company’s human capital support, industry competition and other factors to determine.

set team goals in addition to quantify, also need to consider the needs of Shanghai Longfeng department company in the end what contribution, and the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng work. What is the flow. This is a question of direction, if only to the requirements of Shanghai Longfeng Department of traffic, but traffic than expected, but not what value for the company, then the Shanghai dragon team goal off track. As the Shanghai dragon team leader and company must communicate well, what is the ultimate goal of the company to SE0 traffic, is to showcase the brand is to promote sales?? is to obtain the potential user contact? Or in order to obtain high IP and high PV corresponding advertising sales.


team goals for the former, Shanghai dragon team may try to get the industry all need to optimize the keywords, keywords on the landing page and no other requirements, as long as the keyword flow is good; if the target for the latter analysis, the industry keywords will be in Shanghai dragon team, which can directly generate sales what is easy to understand the relevant information, can indirectly promote sales, which are related but not for sale, "


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