URL standard and noble baby Analytics tips

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) ?

as a noble baby Analytics WA, the URL parameter is not a problem, but for the Shanghai dragon, big trouble.

how to solve?

贵族宝贝bj.tuniu贵族宝贝/? Utm_source=baidu& utm_medium=cpc& utm_campaign=beijing& utm_term=%E6%97%85%E6%B8%B8


in URL? # replaced, and joined the

_gaq.push ([" _setAllowAnchor" true],

visit look at the loading of utm.gif, utmcc successfully loaded into the builder what (if there is no effect if utmcmd should be equal to organic.

The After the

The use of

is very simple, the parameter URL does not track # crawler is behind, exactly why you can look at GSA background.

in the page Analytics tracking code in noble baby




noble baby URL builder help site tracking from various sources of advertising traffic, data analysis is a good helper. For example,

there is a page there is more than one version of the URL, how serious this problem is there is no need to say.

line can be, we look at the effect of clearing his cookie+ cache, first to build a # for URL

in fact this trick is hidden in the noble baby Analytics help file, which describes about the use of setAllowAnchor, applied to the Shanghai Dragon up on this paper.

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