Your site only included the front page

this must start from the Google sandbox to start, some people ask the pony, not love Shanghai? How to pull Google. Please listen to the pony slowly said, Google sandbox first appeared in March 2004, which is a web search engine is difficult to get a good ranking in Google, regardless of how to optimize the site! Is a new trial period, and support in the past, become the official staff, failed to leave the stage,

!Google and

when we do website hardships finally was collected after the discovery of a puzzling problem, is to use the site command to check the search engine included how many pages, can only be found in a home, after a period of time, so we still, sleepless nights, and I don’t know why, if you are facing such a problem well, today, we will explore the love ponies and sea test period.

The second is the reverse link !

two: why is there love Shanghai during

This seems to be a lot of Shanghai dragon

: what is love in Shanghai during

three: how to deal with the love of Shanghai during

Since some

Er wants to know the problem, very little chance to meet, why let me meet, why do I always hurt, then let the pony to answer your questions, there’s a reason, why love Shanghai assessment period of high frequency is popular keywords, such as "lose weight the key words, the competition is fierce, if a new sites do this keywords, is likely to enter the Shanghai love period, because of the fierce words there must be some want through short-term profiteering, and the Internet in order to clean, more user experience in order to guarantee, Shanghai launched the Shanghai study love love period. If there is some phishing sites, spam sites, is unable to withstand the investigation period.

friends inevitably met the love of Shanghai period, so how should we respond? Pony feel two strokes, the first is to relax, because since entering the Shanghai love period, they did not.

, to increase the speed, if a new, it is the reverse link from some high weight site, and every link to reverse the increase speed is very fast, so the new station will enter the Shanghai love period, because the search engine will wonder whether you cheat, or a fledgling how could there be new sites, so many high quality backlinks. Love Shanghai period is more in order to maintain the fairness of the Internet

effect love Shanghai period is the imitation, when we just set up a new station if there is a chance encounter love Shanghai assessment period, when we included the query time, only one page, but the snapshot date has been included on that day, we finally could not resist, query the web log we are surprised to find that, every day, the web logs are search engine spider footprints, and "200" grab, but is to use the site command only one page, this is the love of Shanghai period.

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