The Red Army talk about current spam message

comments on a blog promotion is a very effective method to promote the site, if you go to the heart to see others blog article and meaningful comment, do down to your blog, believe that the return rate is very high, in the interview before the Red Army is a typical example. But if you use the mass comment to send some spam, in fact, this is who can see, to "listen to the many friends about this site, did not think of really good, to see a lot of useful things, could not help but praise. Moderator awesome, continue to work hard, we support you." This kind of message, many bloggers are very angry. Not to return, but smashed his own company brand, for a long time the circle has basically know, by common consent said: "Oh, they ah, I know, every day on the Internet spam!"

to do

is currently the mass comment spam has been very frequent, this blog Red soldiers in a month ago is obviously felt more and more spam message, and with the Shanghai Dragon into half of the hot development, mass class software is also in rapid development, the current spam is not just 2, 3 words, instead the 1, 2 words, seemingly in the comments, and in fact have no meaning, we take a look at the picture:



promotion? in order to send the chain?At present, Before the But do these in the

Red Army introduced comments promotion and comment on the chain. Whether it is indeed a blog comment English or Chinese Shanghai Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are one of the most simple way chain, occasionally go to Lu Songsong’s blog on average an article to 300+’s comments, a careful look at more than half of all "learning" and "support" and "awesome moderator" etc. meaningless comments. Can reflect the current domestic situation in a blog interaction, with more than half of the garbage.

group blog comment at the same time, do you know why you want to do? Do what can be so? The Red Army will give you analyse.


so this bad spam mass produced lots of rubbish for the Internet "stupid"

can be said that most of the blog program has its own nofollow attribute. Love Shanghai and Google also support nofollow. But his value is in order to prevent spam. If you don’t know the role of nofollow, you can go and see the nofollow label, with the nofollow link although YAHOO chain can see, but in fact is not transfer any weight equal to the end of white hair. This has led many to use this method to do outside the chain of friends in the chain ask: I have so much, how a ranking is not increased

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