To do some matters website Shanghai dragon is the most taboo

, don’t stack keywords.

three, choice of keywords

the everyone will know how to be built, but this is not to say. According to the years of understanding was first presented in the first paragraph of the number of keywords is best not to show two times, or will be jealous of cheating. Especially some new sites, must avoid optimization too clear, lest it be love Shanghai to punish, fix your station became a turning Jie body first died, the optimization also should not overdo sth., need to stand survive love Shanghai included, optimization may be slowly in the days after the setback in.


low flow keywords, you optimization again perfect is an utterly inadequate measure, he was just a mistake, you re optimization is a mistake, but a high degree of attention to key words even if not ranked in the home, also can bring you a lot of traffic. This requests us to choose an accurate keywords in optimization time.

people are tired of the old or new defects, search engines also have, if your website content is a high repetition rate content from the Internet, you can’t expect those who can give you a good rankings coming, not to say that Shanghai not included acquisition of content, just after you will slowly included to K off, but also rarely give you a second chance, don’t think about love in Shanghai behind the use of Zhicuojiugai it useless! But it is not to say that can not be collected, but we should collect some specific content, after coming back to make some changes, for example, change the title, change of content, is to just even change the original, more like the better.

four, "code of long and chaos

FLASH and the picture is also very attractive indeed beautiful, but not the absolute user and search for a cause, the whole FLASH and pictures will give users benefit.

if you frequently have to change the title of the page, Shanghai love will give you the website that a website is not identified as the firm to this website is not to love love Shanghai, so you at the beginning of the site to the site each detail is to be considered good, once established if not, really have to, do not easily change, not as some people think, did not think I could never mind, while doing changes when a learning process to consider! The idea is wrong, you never want to come out of all good love Shanghai has been tampered with. Turn your K off.

two, content acquisition.

five, frequent changes of the title of the page

six, don’t put the page full of pictures

FLASH may do,

what things are on, the spider is to read the page from the contents of the web page code, if your code is too short, the spider is difficult to know which part is the key, sometimes you long code may be truncated spider crawling. Is to still be in the website code to avoid short and chaos.

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