Why the Shanghai dragon er said manufacturing for nternet trash


2, Shanghai forced the love. What makes people copying rankings so good, I have worked hard to write the original but not copied the rankings, that what to spend so much time to the original? Not all copied quickly. This is an important reason causing the Internet garbage.


Shanghai Longfeng Er is known as the Internet spammers are the following:

is 25, a few days ago, in A5 prompted by a sudden impulse to register a member account, and then released their A5 on the virgin, feeling the repercussions are still pretty good, just a day out. Second days to see that there are seven or eight sites were reproduced, and some people take it to the blog and forum, some websites still left a link, but some people are the original copy, did not leave a link. Don’t know is what feeling, that is happy and angry. Happy is the first published an article in the A5 by everyone’s love and reproduced, someone can explain the plagiarism is valuable; some people angry is completely Ctrl+C, but Ctrl+V didn’t give me the link. If the Shanghai dragon world in accordance with this development, perhaps write original will be less, will gradually decline may really come true "Forbes" Shanghai dragon within two years.

3, in order to increase the chain, the article is not so much how to do? Copying someone else’s article to chant, the others come as their own, the link into your own.

1, under the pressure of the boss. The boss Chrysostom opened, how to write articles for the website, how much how much the chain. But as employees we can say that? According to the boss’s execution, write out how to do? The world only copy is not broken. So have a copy, some even false original, original, direct Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. The others the remove link becomes its own.


from these two reasons of the plagiarism, the Internet unlimited number of duplicate content, perhaps it is for these reasons that led to the event of large area K station love Shanghai 22,28 no.. In fact, what is not plagiarism, but some people are the original copy does not leave others hard original article links, if you were more than 30% false original even, why are plagiarism do not give people leave a link? Here I met about things these days.

many people said, now the Shanghai dragon Er on the Internet is garbage maker. I do not deny this sentence, there is no denying the power, because it is the truth, why to quibble? There are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er does not want to create garbage for the Internet, but really upset. Is also under the pressure of BOSS, and the present situation of Shanghai love to do. Following by the Shenzhen Shanghai dragon wind and to talk about why Er is Shanghai dragon network garbage manufacturing.


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