High quality Links three evaluation criteria

what is the stability of the site, including the site is generally stable, the domain name space stability, speed and stability, so here is a tool used: site diagnostic tools. The query tool PING, if you want to exchange the Links website PING average value is more than 240, this website is not worth you to exchange chain, user experience is that you can’t get a good search engine, you won’t get promoted. Domain name domain name is said to do stand stable historical stability, I believe that every webmaster want to find a stable link when exchanging Links, then a domain stable chain is stable for a large base, inquire about the domain name do stand history and renewals go in exchange Links before, if it is a renewal of 2 over the years, can exchange links, to renew for 1 years, my advice would be not to exchange for good.

third standard that high quality chain

is very difficult to start talking about the original simple website template, dare not say one hundred percent of the original, but also to improve the appropriate copied on the basis of this point, many webmaster in exchange links is to consider, then the original content, you must consider, and collection of Web site is original there are serious differences in the search engine. The original content can bring to a role for friends of the chain website, rather than the original site to reduce friendly degree will also affect the chain website search engine, so everyone in the exchange links do not just look at the site of PR is high, contains many strong, we should pay more attention to the content of the website original, this is the standard, is the exchange of the king.

new website snapshot is

site stability is the first standard that high quality friend chain

any industry has its own unique standard, Links industry is the same, the growth of high quality chain to the website and promotion has a very big role, so how to identify high quality friend chain, today is the webmaster to explain what is the high quality chain, hope to all the webmaster when the exchange chain will use these knowledge.

is the site of many days since the snapshot grades would be divided into the day, the next day, the snapshot snapshot and multi day snapshot, many websites can do a snapshot of January, in fact, to tell the truth but not the search engine must update snapshot. So when the exchange chain will pay attention to this point, the snapshot, do not say to the exchange of snapshots, but when exchanging links must be the next snapshot, a snapshot of the new site can transfer the spider for the website to promote common progress of two websites, but also can promote the website snapshot of the new site adjacent the progress, so don’t go to other people’s site outside the chain, as long as you go to the new snapshot is exchange links, do not think of their own website weight how high is not put forward to exchange, this idea is wrong.


site is original

second standard that high quality of a chain

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