Do some guarantee home page rank is stable

, a stable. The site is stable and whether it has always been the search engine is given a high weight of the basic condition of station. If there is no basic stable, then the other what the chain optimization what are empty. The stability also includes several aspects:

2. Shanghai dragon stability information. The sites of title and description can not easily modify. Before the love of Shanghai is very focused on this, if modified, could fall from heaven on earth. Better now, occasionally change there will not be much affected, but it is not that can often change. 3, more than 4 months and a modified content change should be no problem.

4. content. We know that the search engines love new things more sites, but this is not to say the new site a few days a revision. We adhere to the best new content every day and time to add a certain amount, the best is original, but not too little. It is good to attract spider. But then move on the front page of the contents of all change, or even change the template like, this "new" is fatal, just a few days will fall.

3. external link stability. When I had ranked relatively stable at my station to buy some black chain, want to go further. However, we all know black chain the greatest characteristic is not stable, although the seller is out of the bag up commitment. When I stand against the chain is volatile, although many, but the change is frequent (out and fill, fill up and down). The result of the tragedy, not long before the fall.

two, external links. There is a saying "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Although not see.

The stability of

indeed, website ranking stable, is really not easy to do than words. The author through his observation and long-term practice, summed up some experience on the stability of website ranking. Refer to site is stable, most people are at home today. In fact, for many stations, the inside pages of the long tail flow can not be ignored, the stability factor pages long tail ranking is based on the home page, and roughly the same, but also have some differences.

home page for the stability, in fact already methods generally agree relatively perfect, probably provided some more important.

1. server and network stability. This we will see that, so do not need to explain. To do a belligerent, or to find the best high reputation of the service provider, by contrast, although the price is slightly higher, but the server and the stability of the network is more cost-effective.

Shanghai dragon is a need for patience and perseverance. When a keyword search volume is high on the home page, on behalf of the search engine for a period of time we must work in Shanghai dragon. But for most of the webmaster friends, is not only happy, there are still concerns, due to the stability in the front row is not an easy thing.

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