VC this thing dry long parents think you unfilial entrepreneurs think you thing forceGo to Taobao to

did it for a long time,

Abstract: This is a small circle in the small circle of a few clubs, fierce competition how to eat 95% of the profits in the 5% people’s win is very difficult, the success is not so easy, most people are not.

after work in the evening,

2, because the mother of Ali and Taobao has its own screen closed link it from external pressure, Amoy promotion links will sooner or later screen closed, but the length of time problem. Amoy promotion from another site to gauge the root end or promotion, early built railway station is difficult to obtain Taobao promotion income. The difficulty is that you have to flow, and then sh419 keyword have to do up. And for grassroots Adsense, the initial investment, coupled with the mentality of the problem, often can not go on.

investment manager aura and arrogance


as a recent departure from money, the aura of the investment manager fascinates everyone.



then invite them to have a nice meal,

anyway, they’re


however, even so, venture capital investment manager and as a fashionable word, still attracted the attention of all the people, the young, the elderly, even at the age of 50, know the fate of the people, to be the host, the actors, as venture capital has a unique charm, almost all people to join proud of VC, and even a lot of people asked Mr. GPLP, how to do an investment manager

like Puhuo, almost everyone began to venture capital.

never returns the message in time,

1, a lot of Amoy the most used way is in some large blog station to establish their own blog promotion, but this behavior has been resisted, Sina, 163, etc. blog bus are cleaned regularly these sites, and many of the practical joke will go to report, so the method has a blog promotion difficult to survive.

relatives and friends feel you are not pro

the bone in the egg,


article source: rookie station station reprint, please keep the link!

, this is indeed a true portrayal of vc.

is Asia’s largest retail network, taobao – network marketing platform, has been gradually integrated into people’s lives, any Internet users can help sell Taobao dispensers, earn commissions. It is predicted that in the next one or two years, the "online marketing force" is expected to more than one million, will provide at least 100 thousand direct jobs for domestic customers, Taobao has become the largest network occupation population has recently become difficult!:

actually, we’re just

think, holding hundreds of millions of funds, and then decide many items of life and death, one percent of the investment ratio, stand in a position, even through the investment to take a little kickback realize million a year income, whether from money or fame from speaking, almost all of the people.

can’t come at the meeting…

poor those hundreds of Web site navigation and Amoy Amoy shop, is still struggling in the sea. Taobao customers in the end can not make money? The next network to make money myth who launched? We look forward to the same!

married thinks you’re having an affair,

3, with the popularity of Taobao customers, for a while online noisy days. Who may earn, earn much, now all know Taobao money off the "secret", "Taobao to buy things, go to the Ali Mama registered account", so buy yourself something equal to the Commission, cheaper goods! Mom like a registered account registered forum account so fast, as long as the e-mail OK, everyone can register. It’s rare to see who is still boasting about how much Taobao earns on a monthly basis.

entrepreneurs think you’re forcing

if there are classmates and friends, there are VC


so far,

thought you had a problem,

has little time for



parents think you unworthy

Why is

is always busy,

works hard and achieves value


"if you’re looking for an investment manager, the company will receive a pile of resumes, and if you’re looking for a sale, we probably won’t be able to get several resumes."." A venture HR tucao.

so, since VC is so simple and hard, why are there so many people joining VC? Are we all stupid,

FA thinks you’re a

divorced you think you have a purpose,

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