King beware of Shanghai dragon circles 6 speech cheat you

6 lies, Shanghai dragon is in the details, the details determine the success of

after years of practice, and through the experimental comparison with many times, as control variables, use independent IP virtual hosts, for the collection of almost no difference and Shanghai dragon. More bizarre is that after the station changed into independent IP virtual host, love Shanghai included less, there has been no reply, I am wondering. I do not know will not have independent IP virtual host vendors back? I believe the practice, of course, some people would argue, if the thousands of times, thousands of times, the result is not the same. People say, I will not respond, as you say, why not the hundreds of thousands of times, millions of times, there is so much energy? I just have to say about my test results.

said that many experts say, on the contrary, I tried many times, under the same conditions: for example: description blank, or the description does not appear keywords, ranking has dropped, the description appears 2 to 3 keywords, ranking rising status. So a certain importance or description.

5 lies, described in the Shanghai dragon in basic not what effect can be ignored,

2 lies, Links can’t add too much, otherwise it is K

according to my years of study, modify the title and description of most will not be K, unless you are more than four or five consecutive days, changes every day, and a relatively large margin. The dozens of test site, every day I modify the title and description, until more than 10 days later, only part of the site is down right.

4 lies, repeatedly modify the title and description, is likely to be K

first, admittedly, Shanghai dragon does have a lot of details. The main branches of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is like a tree, some Shanghai dragon fragmentary knowledge points to all the minor details, like some small branches, leaves, not to play a decisive role. Some claim to Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon expert, love often pretend to be profound, love into a dead end, the title and description of punctuation also discussed for a long time, it is worth discussing almost no value. As long as you put on

said here too much, that is 30-50, there are one hundred or two hundred stations in my hand, some stations often one-time add 30-50 links, never found to be K, if K, I think the probability is a few thousandths, or very few, or love Shanghai exhaust.

first, said there is no domestic space free for the record, it seems to play word games is a concept. Must record all domestic space, do not need all the space outside the record. To Shanghai dragon more out of the question, as long as the space is stable, everything is OK.

lies 1. independent IP virtual host has included, in favor of Shanghai dragon

3 lies, domestic space free for the record, fast and is conducive to Shanghai dragon

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