A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng tell you why want to optimize website structure

The first thing

?To enhance the user experience of

can control the weight of the page

anchor text to improve website ranking

!Distribution of

to increase the page number included

should be a good website structure system is the user to access the site, can pass freely into the navigation system he wants to enter the task page, and is free from some corresponding links, or you can anchor text links at a glance, you will enter the page is about what. Is not consistent with the contents of their own needs. To achieve this effect, it would have to rely on good website structure for the good website structure can enhance the user experience, convenient for users, user satisfaction, that your website user experience is improved, and the user behavior on the web can help improve the website it is said that the rankings, has now been added to the ranking algorithm reference standard.

through the website structure can control some page weight, this is because the link structure and the site itself is the relationship between the internal page weight distribution is a very important factor, which has the capability of page rank higher, weight depends on the page to get, and as a member of the Shanghai dragon people we should be rational allocation problem through optimization the structure to control the number of page weight, must be aware of good planning important degree of all the pages, and then through the link structure of the weight chain to important pages, these are all we can artificially control the.

site optimization is the webmaster has been relatively easy to ignore the problem, often see some Adsense in stationmaster net, discusses how to optimize web pages such as forums and other places, but few people mention the website structure optimization, everyone seems to optimize the structure of the website can achieve what kind of use, what help do not quite understand to improve the Shanghai Longfeng rankings, following on from the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team to tell you why want to optimize the structure of the website

good website needs to solve the problem is included, no matter what you do website, content is good, if the search engine is not included in your website, then everything is in vain, want a good website ranking, some long tail keywords ranking, then you should think to make the search engine included your web page, only included, to release, it may also have the website ranking, and included many with the website structure have a great relationship, good website structure, can lead the search engine spiders successfully grab our web content, so as to achieve the purpose of included, more convenient website structure generally speaking, spiders crawl, included the number will be more

as a webmaster, we all know that the anchor text is an important part of the site in the ranking algorithm, while the content of anchor text and can be the site owners own control, is one of the important methods to enhance the relevance of keywords, the optimization must take good internal link structure of the website structure, so reasonable >

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