Five details of the well site of Shanghai dragon pictures page optimization

we talk a lot is how to optimize the good article page, the text content of the page is easy to identify the search engine. But now many of the image content based website, such as photography websites and photo sharing websites can not copy these theories wholly intact. After all, not many words can be written. A good website is starting from the basic page optimization, today to share their experiences in Shanghai dragon pictures page optimization.

addition, the content of the page page picture must respect the simple, not squandering charming eyes; focus, let the main page browsing area on the core content, rather than in the sidebar, the position at the bottom of the page.

the same title as the ALT tag length is not long, the earlier example is the picture name with the phrase, a label generally will not be artificial, is usually the program automatically generated. Imagine a search engine can have a good


help the major label search engine is the image recognition, ALT tags need to be associated with the image content, the more important point, need to be associated with the page title. If the ALT tag is a direct replacement for the page title, will inevitably provoke keyword stuffing suspects, so the best way is to do the relevant keywords ALT tag content. For example, your page title is "the wedding", then "ALT in the label" sea "wedding photography" the sea "and" sea wedding photography photos "and so on, promote the web content recognition search engine better you.


web browsing speed is directly related to the user experience, a lot of pictures of original images usually have 2-5M, so the big picture in a web page, open die slow. The spider will crawl in the difficult, inclusion and ranking will be affected. Therefore, the optimization of the image size is required for the picture website.

two, Alt


, a correlation of image contentThe correlation between

, the format of the picture in the page using GIF, JPG and PNG three, according to the different requirements and. If you are a contour map or vector map, it is better to use the GIF format, if you are a large display picture, use jp>

three, the image size and page browsing speed

image content many webmaster is not easy to understand, think with the search engine is, since the identification image content search engine is not very good, how can determine the correlation between the contents of it. Indeed, the main purpose is to increase the content of correlation to improve the user experience, increase user interest in reading. If the search engine to identify your page is mainly picture content, then browse time, click rate, region of interest to determine the quality of the website user experience data from the user list. From this point of view, the content correlation is we must pay close attention to, is also the focus of optimization.

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