Do the bidding of how to make an inventory of what looks good but no conversion keywords

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if there are tens of thousands of keywords in your account, do this is a huge project, so the keyword classification would be extremely important, good keyword classification can be very good to save a lot of time. In fact, as long as we do not plan into confusion, such as we have those good keywords are sorted according to the important degree, followed by the production of content, such as I can manage customer service staff, allowing them to write content, of course, when they write the content of the need for the marketing of their.

this problem has been bothering me, I finally thought recently constantly reflect on some things, today to share with you my thoughts of income. You know the bidding account for a big disadvantage compared with Shanghai dragon, that is a large number of keywords is pointing to the same page, a page can really carry so many keywords? Why auction page out rate so high, the main reason is that the user does not meet the demand. The second is not very good personalized guidance, in part because of the needs of key words is the need for a step-by-step guide.

as the most important factor is the effect of inquiry of landing pages can attract users, we know that there are three related keywords and do the bidding, title and description, and landing pages. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng opinion these are not a problem, but in the huge keyword bidding which became a huge problem. Many words have no corresponding page, some time ago I tested mobile search, because it is a direct copy of PC end account inquiry result rate is extremely low, compared with PC. In fact, the reason is very simple, the characteristics of the movement is very simple fragmentation of the time, must be accurate, if not the precise user will immediately leave.

find it to solve this problem will become a direction, but this is a huge project, for we do network marketing in front of people, this is a big problem, because it is difficult to understand our products, at least not customer service or service staff then understand, what is as the difference between users and low altitude search fume purifier purifier? To do network marketing people, it is difficult to answer this question, this kind of demand is as long as a good guide can also be transformed, for example, many customers do not know their own suitable for itself what product, you can write the ending of this article and a user induced asks questions, such as to tell me the details you know us, we provide you professional configuration of products, to provide a complete solution of fume purification .

do for friends all know an account there will be tens of thousands of even more key words, but really can bring so scanty keywords into several key words, more than 90% are not transformed. It really is not the value of these words? I looked at some very good keywords, keyword purchase intention is very high, but is not translated, I also think this problem, these keywords search intention is very clear, why not translate

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