Dig the pseudo original value to measure pseudo original points

so this is what type of pseudo original? Essentially, pseudo original is actually a re processing of others of the article, if the process is very good, can be completely used as the pseudo original articles of high quality original articles, and can give users more help, but to do so the pseudo original article is clearly not easy, concrete can proceed from the following aspects.

second, pseudo original articles can be appropriate to add some pictures. Some of the original article is more from the theoretical analysis, the analysis of the content has the certain quality, the user will also help play a role, but the theoretical analysis of the text too often make the user feel more profound, so the user for these knowledge becomes more difficult. If you in these pseudo original content, can have some of these advanced text to use easy to understand text writing, and then with a picture of the introduction of some case analysis, allowing users to contrast the case to analyze the content, so it can allow users to more easily grasp the content, and so the content is more conducive to the love of Shanghai, because the web content has been illustrated on love Shanghai.

third, can be carried out from the original content of. Because now online content is extremely rich, and some of the content there are often very verbose phenomenon, many users after many words don’t know what is the meaning of the content, but if read often feel useful, but this kind of reading is obviously a waste of time. This pseudo original text can be much simplified, can be inside the core of combs, then two articles the essence of meaning "

with love Shanghai algorithm rule upgrade, more and more people will begin once the pseudo original Shanghai dragon optimization as a weapon not essential thing, and even as an important reason, the site being punished indeed, before the pseudo original do a little over the fire, such as the order of words in accordance with paragraph change or, to change the title, the last paragraphs of the text are modified, it is transformed into a so-called pseudo original. This pseudo original obviously and the pseudo original there is a huge difference.

first, pseudo original text processing will need all the scientific. This is the key, in fact we know that the world is a copy, see you have no copy of the level, Li Bai had faked Cui Hao, "Yellow Crane Tower" wrote an article "Phoenix Palace" at Jinling is in a pseudo original after processing, in the artistic level does not lower than Cui Hao works and even the experts believe that The students surpass the teacher. master. Thus the pseudo original is not a simple copy, but according to the original rethink, write a similar article. After the scientific process, to show the readability and quality attributes of the original article false. This is also conducive to the pseudo original in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion effect.

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