Good for promotion of user experience do not burn

data of this method also need to refer to the creative.

The popularity of

in general, bidding account unit will have several different ideas, and when the keywords quality declines, but do not worry or modify the rectification ideas, and more to observe, to search by keywords quality decline, will showcase creative keywords offline, and then check whether the keywords quality degrees rise if no, then search the word view second times show the creative line, and before the line of ideas, in turn operation. If this situation is not quality rise, can start to try and referrals two groups of creative methods as above, you will find that in some cases, only need to stop an idea, you will increase the degree of quality.

search engine is just algorithm, therefore can only imitate the habits of users how to quality on the page, the same is true of the quality of bidding. If a keyword click on the more people, the lower bounce rate, it appears in the search engine is the user experience better, for a higher quality? (I believe that Shanghai dragon friends is also very familiar with this method)

if the exclusion method did not allow keywords quality degree can be picked up, then we can modify the keywords in creation (i.e., wildcard part) to the core keywords as the center, add long tail keywords or related keywords, wildcards containing only the key.


this can be such a popular method, will account the need for quality optimization keywords arrange and adjust the price, general Ye Jianhui will be adjusted to 0.8 yuan bid, depending on the keyword display, heat and other factors, so the specific price depends on the specific circumstances. Then click search again for keywords, adhere to 35 days, a word can rise to the stars, of course, here you need to avoid a keyword, click IP and creative replacement long visit and depth etc..

some time ago Ye Jianhui to apply for a lot of enterprises, found that most companies will do the sales network using search engines for promotion, and click on the bidding price, the conversion rate of distress and so on, so they want to demand Shanghai Longfeng natural ranking, which after its origin lies in many are the boss or inexperienced personnel management, even rely on love Shanghai customer service operation and management account, this proposal or find a professional personnel to operate the account, it is not outsourcing, especially for burn burn enterprises, after all the love Shanghai customer service is take a percentage of gold consumption Eli bidding, the more money the more natural profitable customer service, customer service said it is not so don’t believe everything. Of course, people think that love is very good in Shanghai for a promotion, share several points to improve the quality and reduce the cost of several methods following Ye Jianhui with the perspective of user experience.

rectification method

Click on the display and conversion of

elimination method

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