Do these six Shanghai Longfeng optimization will no longer difficult

Why did

take out this? Because in my own more than two years of experience, the chain is very important, the chain is a chain, let the love of spiders in Shanghai cycle crawled in the article, the weight transfer does not stop, so the optimization effect is a very big help, I do. The chain is the main way in an article in another article title, and then link to it.

with my own experience of website structure on a website optimization to have a crucial role as my own station, DIV layout, static, URL standard, although spent a lot of time, but at the current situation the effect is very good, the code is simple, to love the Shanghai spiders, and also do keyword layout well, the website structure is done, so others can boldly trust to do, if this is not done, then the first people lose a step, in the fierce competition, every step to do than others, may have a chance of winning the.

is the first to analyze competitor data to do the website, this is the most important prerequisite, competitor analysis data mainly from the original and the chain, the original is not what to say, as long as you every day to write, to write more than the other article every day, you will be more than the other. In fact, I mainly consider the issue from the chain, the original really, I do not worry, it is important to analyze the other chain, where the chain and how to do the chain, then I am on the other side of the chain of place to do outside the chain, not on the other side the chain of place to do outside the chain, so there may be more than others, and analyze the other friends of the chain, if the absolute other friends of the chain of good words so you can find other friends of the chain to do friends chain, it is best to find the station link, I will find a few station link like this. The effect is very good, the YAHOO chain lot.

: a competitor analysis data of Shanghai dragon.

just started Shanghai dragon to optimize the time very happy every day, I feel like there is to learn to study hard every day, to learn how to false original, how to send the chain, how to do the chain, how to optimize the forum post, how to optimize the post, how to ask, how to do the directory and so on, these are learned, Shanghai dragon slowly feel the dull and boring, think every day is to do the same thing, also gradually feel good without technical content at all, will feel that anyone can do Shanghai dragon, also gradually decadent, if the site optimization is up okay, if if not, then you will find what you are not. Maintain an optimistic attitude to Shanghai dragon is very important. So do Shanghai dragon also does not want to so simple thing, I have done more than two years of Shanghai dragon, also summed up a few points.

two: the structure of the website itself to do.

do these six points, so a good website ranking left out, these six points are as follows:

three: the website must be well within the chain.

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