Hold the three out of the ordinary love Shanghai optimization easy win

as the website construction production and site optimization personnel, in the face of such accounts for the vast absolute advantage of the search engine, you can be completely indifferent? The site is now more than 90% of the traffic comes from search engines, and more than 80% Chinese in search traffic comes from love Shanghai. So in the premise of ensuring the quality of the site, while not affecting the user experience does not violate the principle of search engine under the condition of the site of their optimization, Internet marketing is a shortcut to success. Love Shanghai? At least I think, Google and YAHOO and other international search giant compared to love Shanghai more in line with people thinking and habits. For example, the definition of the link, judgment on differences in the key words, and the judgment of website quality, website evaluation and weight assignment process etc..


Chinese Su search engine market, love Shanghai with more than 83% of the market share of the way the vast dust. As a focus on Chinese and China market Internet Co, love Shanghai not only well versed in the local operation of the road, but also in the search technology has made a lot of originality. Instead of saying that sina was owed 2 million technical service fee, let love Shanghai overnight and the achievements of today’s Chinese search dominance. Not that the accumulation of the years, let love in Shanghai Chinese search technology capability. In the eyes of ordinary people, although there is no Google search to love Shanghai so precise and simple (more competing business interests, and let love Shanghai blinded), but love Shanghai more understand Chinese is in doubt, leading the Chinese champion of the search market, it is also evidence of its unique technology.

The role of the

, a new breakthrough: a web site link definition is not limited to link anchor text

link in website optimization, has been validated and explained, especially in Google optimization process. A large number of high-quality keyword text links, absolutely can quickly and effectively improve website ranking in Google, Google and experience judgment important reference index of PR site weight. Love Shanghai, search engine to determine the site link mostly through the keyword anchor text is a keyword, such as "Shanghai site construction", through the HTML language linked to the target site. Or that the content of the page, and link to the target site there.

anchor text link, not only convenient search spiders crawl the website along the link, more action is recommended to play the role of search engines. For example, in an article which will connect the keywords "Shanghai website construction" to a website, the more play the role is recommended to search engines, so site is website construction in Shanghai area. Recommended by many people, the search engine slowly on the site will be a good quality, with a high degree of content, weight will slowly increase. Love is Shanghai’s progress, the value of the link anchor text at the same time, do not ignore the article appeared in the web site. That is to say as long as the target site outside of the page, the target site of the domain name, the same will be calculated as a link to love Shanghai. This is perhaps why focus on the original.

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