Hematemesis manual external links knowledge share

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: the first method is outside the chain of high quality

This paper consists of:

third: the chain theory knowledge of
if my site is all the high quality of the chain, is not on the website are of great help, this is wrong, if the individual nature of the site is all the high quality of the chain, search engines will be determined to buy links that will be punished accordingly, so the high quality of the chain has to be done, the low quality of the chain must do, many owners said he did not do a low quality of the chain, actually did not do, but users have volunteered to help him.


fifth: there are a lot of construction outside the chain of local

fourth: how do the chain

external links construction is a very important task in the process of Web site optimization, website content in addition to the daily update, every day is constantly searching for the release of external links, but there is a difference between high quality and low quality of the external links, then what is the high quality, what is the low quality.?

don’t give you too much because of the construction of the chain and lose yourself, choose several method suitable for their own, and can hold on for a long time to the operation of the construction of the chain depends on the execution, patience, if you can hold on for a long time, to enhance the site’s weight, row names have a very big help.

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