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The digital world

, let’s first look at a few words like slogans: look at the news, Sina, search, use sh419, buy things, go to Taobao, chat, open ……

these words share a common feature: they describe a service that provides news, search, shopping, and communications services. As for when you are going to use this function, these words are not involved. This was an important feature of early Internet service marketing: the ability to peddle and promote it.

, this is business cooperation

After the rise of

in behind the mix also have a long time, diving is even most willing to work, no way, a lot of posts have the impulse to reply, but need behind can in other threads, a long time will want to germination behind the idea, but the individual ability is limited, the rookie level, so has been hesitant to write what, now finally decided to try, outdated!       learn about your site this time feel and experience it, and hope to have more exchanges and common hobby friends!


mobile application is very about the situation, unless you have enough resources, such as the original large user base, or very rich to hit advertising, I think, with features of the way to promote their applications, it is better to use situational use way to promote. In such a situation, you can use our services to accomplish what you need – such promotional words will be very strong echo. Because the user will think: ah, I do have that situation ah, at that time there is such a service would be fine.

mobile Internet, the situation has changed. With the desktop Internet, mainly through the PC to access services, the difference is that the mobile Internet is the core object of mobile phones including tablet and notebook. Sitting in front of the PC scene is almost the same, if you want to say that the difference is probably serious occasions work and leisure occasions home, but the mobile phone applications will be a variety of scenes.

desktop to the Internet as the core is the same, whether it is the demand of the electricity supplier war "here is the cheapest, or micro-blog war demands" here are the most popular, in strengthening the function description. This kind of marketing focuses on what the user can get, but basically does not consider when the user should get it.

is a friend of the company made a desktop to see something on the Internet to mobile phone applications strictly speaking, it is not only a mobile application, but the integration of desktop and mobile applications, plan to find manufacturers on browser plug-in based on cooperation, and to find the two. The first talk, describes the main service characteristics of their products, to listen to the people a little while in negotiations and be sleepy straws; second, changed a statement, not detailed, and the use of situational Description: a user intends to go somewhere with the map to search in PC use the push service, under the situation of the regional map with pictures pushed directly to the mobile phone, in order to arrive after the search for. This situation depicts, listens to understand, and listens, the feeling is: "well, very useful.". The subsequent development is that the second soon reached a cooperative intent to enter the stage of technical cooperation, and the first has not yet been the result.

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