Should be paid attention to several taboosncome from 0 to 100 a Taobao’s miserable journey

The quality of a

4, no previous effect tests on shelves.

2, the page is too garbage.

later, by a charge guest program was found in the Internet, through the comparison of many aspects, finally determined to buy a. You know, I was the guest in the league or just the 7 cents. Program to buy, install, setup, beautify a series of procedures are finished, I am pleased to see the erection of a good web site, a fantasy of their own money in Amoy alliance……

in addition to a comparison, that is, the use of the product and do not use the product comparison, this way more able to move users.

2, we have to install the customer service code, every visitor, the initiative to say hello, like this can turn each interested person into your customers.

if the way you or email, so many people may not be interested in, because there are some people who are interested in the product, do not add you, they love to call, so be sure to get some good telephone number.

if we are on a product of interest, it may directly contact with customer, if the customer is not online, nobody answered the phone, you may immediately turn off the page, we have wasted traffic.

6, contact

now, every day I basically have hundreds of yuan income, and has started his own second Amoy net net purchase of the beautiful. The previous site has been handed over to the SEO team for me to take care of. So far, I have found that I have never been wrong in my choice, but I am too lacking in SEO experience. Here, I advise you webmaster, give up mass, give up the black chain and so on


3, there is no advantage over similar products.

Taobao, the name has so far been familiar with. But when I remember when I first started, Taobao was not known to many people. I played last year, through a friend, began his first Taobao guest website, it is a very simple website, just record some sales of large, high credibility of the store address, get a promotion on Ali mother code, and then put on my page by HTML. I remember the pages were all written in Notepad and made up of HTML, and I didn’t know anything about DIV+CSS. In order to increase the beauty of the interface, every day looking for web material, web pages although beautiful, but still seems to be an amateur personal website.

5, customer service is not online,

generally speaking, we request to do bidding products must comply with monopoly, conceptual, profiteering these three characteristics, if your product does not have these three characteristics, it is not suitable for bidding.

1, a major error in product selection.

In the previous

if you sell this product, it is a common product in the real world, and it can be easily purchased at the top of Taobao, or a lot of sales in the bidding. You don’t have a price advantage.

has been doing this for the first half of the year. Not afraid of jokes, because at that time they do not know SEO, half a year’s time, Taobao alliance income was only 0.7 yuan. Yes, that’s 7 cents. Now I think, I really do not know what is supporting their own now. In fact, there are more shameful things, I printed a lot of business cards to send, and finally in the end even a penny income is not. But at the same time, I was looking for the road. My parents talked in my ear every day. It wasn’t really something. I used to say "I’m a sales man" and so on. In this way, I still came over.

1 we should stop traffic when we are out of line or when we rest.

the reality is always cruel. A month has gone by, and my income is still 7 cents. This time I began to think that, with the help of a friend, also assumes that the affiliated BLOG Tao website, through a variety of ways to publicize the website. But there was still no income, and I began to feel disappointed. I begin to feel that this Taobao guest is not deceitful thing, is it that I am not suitable to do this naturally? Wrong! I really don’t believe this evil. From here, I collected a lot of SEO technical knowledge, do keywords optimization, do sitemap, a series of things, let me find myself was really wasted too much time. Gradually, I mastered some SEO knowledge, nor online propaganda. I began to have a purpose of publicity, the erection of the chain, and so on. Finally one day, I looked at the account 9 8 basic income, she cried. Ha-ha。

products to invest for advertising, must flow effect test, I took the glasses for it, you should go to some drivers or riders Forum Forum selling glasses advertising, then slowly test flow and the glasses sales site, and then through the relationship to determine the flow of the unit how much is the most appropriate.

when do the bidding, we cannot create a new consumer, we launched new products in general, there are other alternative products, then we will compare these products, such as my driver car glasses, now there are many similar products, then we will be for me products and their products are compared, there is a list of the middle, let everyone see the price gap with both sides of the gap, this way you can maximize the driver move.

page, you can from the side reflects the strength of the company or the product strength, so in order to do the bidding, must invest in page design, looking for professional designers to design.

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