How to carry out higher celebrity fraudFemale stationmaster ambition network investigation Comeus

take a look at the sh419 Post Bar:

The domain name comeus "

official: comeus


from the following diagram can clearly see the domain name in 2008 April after the transfer out, before has been minon collection;

crazy AD:

every article explains the ugly faces of these people, definitely not make IP, if the deception, the whole family died

look at the official description: they get to understand the true spirit of.

The bidding process "





wisdom, China’s old urchin to Zhongshan creative statement, we all sentence to criticize reprint


Chinese market research company Comeus Comeus Market Research Ltd is China leading customer management and marketing services provider, we integrate information, services and technology, through marketing solutions, credit solutions and Internet information services, to help enterprises to open up the market and customer management, committed by market research technology to provide customers with a comprehensive in-depth the research on the marketing strategy and market information collection and analysis services. When in 2003, Comeus market research company founded in Shanghai, in the North China, East China, Southern China as the core business coverage pattern.

comeus" network "– professional domain name trading site —

reveals the real "


when did in 2006, the company’s Comeus research network was established, with the network survey system advanced and millions of members of the sample database, can be efficient, rapid and convenient implementation of the online survey in the country, to meet the needs of a variety of research enterprise

China Wangzhuan station creative ugly

zero included:

" in my eyes

, sh419/s, word=domain:comeus& tn=monline_dg& ie=gb2312& ct=0

auction ename" — professional domain name trading site —

is still in the top of the Adsense station played advertising, but also in the webmaster nets, behind the crazy AD, I wonder if there is no other websites advertising:


, sh419, check out this domain name:

B. 2004, Comeus market research company is committed to providing customers with suitable strategies and suggestions on the development of the local market and industry.

creative originator, "understand", your show when can

recently, there is a network of MLM sites that are crazy, Comeus investigate, earn money, monthly income of 1000-10000 yuan or more…


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