Former intime network CEO Liao Bin again venture push flowers website beardAlliances have power

in addition, Mr. beard powder rose, champagne rose, green, pink lisianthus, Gerbera lily flower varieties for the user to choose. And in terms of payment, Mr. beard chose the WeChat scan code to pay the form of purchase.


"a penny, difficult to cross the ocean sea, paddle yo, started sailing…… a chopstick, gently broken, ten pairs of chopsticks, firmly holds together……". A familiar song, under the interpretation of Fu Disheng, spread throughout the land of china. The uplifting melody shows the eternal truth that individual combat is fragile and small, and that countless individual alliances are often impregnable!

in such an era of rapid development, for the enterprise, the enterprise is the most difficult to get something important, is the enterprise with real and lasting competitive advantage. In the fierce competition and fight a lone battle apparently has no advantage at all, so partnering with strategic alliance is the enterprise to market globalization, intense competition, rapid innovation and technical complexity of the real smart strategy. Change

"brand" clever is that it realized the great effects of "alliance" in the competition.

: first brand in order to ensure the quality of the news made, in the choice of alliance sent through a portal to the first choice, and now including Sina, Sohu, Qianlong, china, major domestic well-known portal to achieve cooperation. Especially the strategic cooperation and qianlong, development laid a solid foundation for a solid "brand – >" news links

has been on the line from the product point of view, the main push Mr. beard and mother’s Day carnation promotions "long package", including "one package" and "Thanksgiving meal" and "hug" packages, the user can choose from three packages, the package price is 99 yuan.

May 8th news reporter Yu Weiwei former intime network CEO Liao Bin announced after leaving intime, has been brewing new venture projects. This week, founded by Liao Bin flowers website officially launched, "Mr. beard" trying to take advantage of mother’s Day opportunity daxiangdiyipao.

"Mr. beard" sells flowers mainly. From the point of view of the page design, Mr. beard abandoned the flower business generally in a white dominated tall design tone, chose to show the form of yellowing, do the old retro range of children’s literature, showing a classical temperament.

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