Whether a novice webmaster Wangzhuan find their own directionEt amidst the Jiangshan pop ads on the

contact the Internet webmaster have envy and fear of the word Wangzhuan, envy can Wangzhuan month thousand, afraid of his own Wangzhuan road will not succeed. This idea is also normal, the network is a virtual environment, a technology can make a lot of technology, not only when a network of water army, some now live Wangzhuan toil, Internet Wangzhuan form, bloggers and talk about several ways of wangzhuan.

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fourth: advertising alliance. Advertising alliance for Wangzhuan independent blog webmaster, operating independent blog webmaster to site to find profit point. The most.


second: sell soft text. Adsense all know that the original article is a good thing, but not everyone can write original article, and then for those who rely on Internet to eat the webmaster think of, to buy their own literary talent. Whether in like a pig, or other Wangzhuan site above, buy the store or a lot, a good article can earn hundreds of dollars. Or you will find some web site consultant, responsible for the sale of original content, original text the most important thing is to have their own original ideas well, someone looking for you to do is to take a fancy to you, the original things difficult as we all know, so this way is very difficult Wangzhuan, but as long as love to write their own things, their ability to observe things around, a pair of good eyes to find beauty, can still be successful wangzhuan.

first: sell source code. Sell the source code such methods should be regarded as Wangzhuan live, many owners in the forum site trading area, make a list of your information, sell their source. There are some matters, the needs of enterprises will be released at the forum in this transaction, technical people can earn a lot of money in the source code, source code and sell the cost is very high, as long as their design can meet the needs of customers, the rewards are many. But this way to understand the source of Wangzhuan webmaster, is undoubtedly a dead way of higher.

third: Network: navy navy is Wangzhuan method of network tend to simple, such as forums, Bo Wen forwarding, micro-blog broadcast and so on, this method Wangzhuan for non-technical webmasters is quite practical, even if the higher cost is relatively low, but as long as you can have that insisted on not being interrupt psychology, you can get the cost of hiring more. Wangzhuan forum posting method, the webmaster also cannot die, also want to use your head, to see how the post, will reduce the number of Posts deleted, a taste of the advertisers, to bring you the only administrator delete cruel.


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now rely on the Internet to survive the webmaster is also a lot of, at the same time, the Internet competition is also very big, in order to find your foothold on the Internet, the webmaster should first determine their own direction. The development of the Internet advertising companies driven are also many, many methods, whether the webmaster Wangzhuan to find the direction of their

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