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what are the ways to improve the speed? First, the creation of several folder in the Favorites folder, click to place, can be called click station 1, click on station 2, etc., to do the site classification, the same type of sites in the same folder. Several folders are created in several types. Second, you can open different types of sites at the same time, because different types are not affected by each other

Imagine a

is good at people who are lower than their starting point, because it is likely that one day the other person will be your boss.

first, these foreign click station, click on the process of many sites similar to this station, it is impossible to click, if you open a few windows at the same time, click on ads can only display a page advertising, open a few windows display advertising page doesn’t happen, that is to say on the similar process the site displays only one page at a time, they affect each other, then may point the next station on a site, similar to the site, because only a click on an ad, would have no way, only one by one.

in fact, many foreign stations, have launched offline bonus system, only offline development, you earn more. Rely on their own, use a lot of time every day, income is not high. So, if you want to click on the high income, or to go down the road to promote referrals. Offline, and there is a line of help to do the work to do. Imagine a person’s own site every day can not point out, there is no time to promote referrals, even if there are some offline, and where have the time to help them?. In the long run, the assembly line is not exposed. Therefore, personally think, do click on the station to develop well, not many, and in essence. In the process of doing, convenient operation, timely payment of the find, the station is required to understand more clearly, and then vigorously promote, on a lot of offline help carefully, afraid not to earn money?

although the love on the Internet at the time of 2 years, but is still not ashamed to say, what a brilliant achievement, but this does not affect me to go on the road in the webmaster determination, because I know I left here is most fair opportunity. A lot of people say that sh419 is not fair, give money to stay alive, do not give money, do not give the opportunity, but compared to other industries, as long as you pay the earnest, sh419 is always giving you the chance of success. And then again, a new entrepreneur, just hard work, okay?

many people feel that their starting point is high, if you want to learn from others, then the other party must be the leader of this industry, otherwise the other party is not qualified to teach themselves. I see these people think can not help but laugh, who are you? What others qualifications is higher than you? In accordance with the degree of the Internet is not a place to make money, just like my own master, then teach me to make friends only graduate, now people one day earn my money a month, even if the people are not very Niubi, I would still listen to their site experience, because some things are not to be aware of the master, their relationship is how their existing capital profit to the maximum, rather than how to spend for the couple to start this off, the master course experience is profound, but also the ordinary industry it is worth learning, because they are ordinary IT workers, but with the industry’s most down to earth to understand, and Human effort is the decisive factor. said a bad day, the other is your model, boss And these are the resources we need to make good use of.

don’t say anything presumptuous when you’re successful, and don’t say anything frustrating when you’re starting a business bottleneck

station can have hundreds of referrals, and do the one hundred station, not a line, which have higher incomes, calculate your own. How many stations does a man do?. Personally think that between 20 to 30, so many online sites, can not see a registered one, so each day is scanty, also his tired, not to mention the guidance of others.

now do Wangzhuan people, many are doing overseas click on the station, because the foreign revenue per click to click on the station is higher than domestic. So, is it better to click on the project,

starved to death, timid, and brave, as long as not illegal, and anything can become our field of entrepreneurship.


this is the most profound feelings of the author, after graduating from as many owners start Taobao, Taobao and sh419, but the introduction of new regulations for similar spam sites have led to the development of strict audit stretched their own website. The original one day can have about 200 yuan of income, and now a site, a month less than 600. And a friend of mine started the shorthand business 3 years ago, and has developed into a large team of 100 people. Speaking of entrepreneurship at that time, friends just said that entrepreneurship should be done, they have not done, others have not done the job, or else how to seek opportunities, this sentence is now put to the point of instruction. After all, now the industry has been the development of more mature, like SEO training or website optimization and so on, not only new variety, even the industry veteran enough to divide the cake, so strengthening competitors, we can shake? "So difficult as can be imagined, sluffing type" business model is not necessarily suitable for us.

often sees people saying that clicking on a station can do many stops at the same time, that is, one click and more revenue. Personally, the situation is not so optimistic.

secondly, do your own site is very much, income may not be high. Some people do it myself dozens or even hundreds of stations, these stations click again to spend a lot of time every day, he is no more time to understand the rules of each station and click on the skills, there is no time to promote their downline.

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