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of course, to create a successful website, is also very difficult, so millions of individual webmaster, the success of the proportion of the webmaster is still very small. As Wangzhuan, only a few people are successful, most people do not want to reach. I say these words mean, is to tell you that if you want to do Wangzhuan, want to get great benefits through Wangzhuan, it must be through the way of cooperation and a large downline. Or you have the ability to create a successful website, obtain satisfactory profit through the network advertising or e-commerce.

otherwise, don’t spend too much time on it, find a good commission team, choose some good projects, every day

webmaster Wangzhuan forum many novice make friends on group is full of longing, while complaining about the Wangzhuan difficult, I could not help but want to write an article, say some truth to make novice friends to listen to. We hope to have some inspiration and help.

answer: not only is the sex of people’s attention, to look at pornography, there are many porn sites to see, which is part of the flow of little value, the network is certainly the need to regulate, in the traditional industry norms can make money, in fact, the network is the same. For some websites that really are content and featured, I don’t think it will have any effect.

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2, paradox is that traffic and income can not be both. Or image and flow can not have both, now the video site will be more or less play edge ball, pornography, violence is often criticized, with these, advertisers do not want to, without these, users do not want to decline in popularity, as a video website, what do you think is the broken solution? Radio and television new regulations, the video is also included in the regulatory system, banned illegal Internet TV station, what do you think of the impact of the video site?

3, now the industry has many new changes, for example, the difference between platform and channel, some people want to put yourself into a large platform, UGC, on the final value of the media to make money, some people is to make their own films, video distributors. For example, the portal is gradually cut in this area, for example, there are some video network solutions, advertising market development, to see how the impact of these changes to the video website you bring?


BOBO network is one of the first batch of the domestic video website, the former is the audio video community, certainly is the trend of the future, now the entire video industry is in the exploratory stage, although the road is hard to walk, but has been set out first, also accumulated a lot of experience, we encountered problems and challenges, and later the same is to experience, but also need more money to catch up. In our opinion, network video is the new "expensive" of the Internet, and the requirements of funds and resources are higher than other Internet projects. In the future, I think there will be 80% of the video sites facing crisis or transformation.

first thing to say is, Wangzhuan is certainly able to make money, this is no doubt. But it’s not easy to make money online, and that’s for sure. For the common types of clicks, making money, surfing, making money, and so on, it’s almost impossible to do so alone, because the project may go bankrupt when you don’t have to pay. So webmaster Wangzhuan forum, including many webmaster Wangzhuan, take the form of a rebate. Through a large number of offline cooperation, quickly pay and collect, and then return some of the proceeds to the offline, so that their earnings increase, the line did not do white.

to do fast payment, we need a lot of support for the general assembly, make friends, there is no way in a short time to pull a large downline, which make friends is the majority, so most of the members, Wangzhuan income is very limited. This topic said webmaster Wangzhuan forum in previously published articles, is on the rebate, can gain two hundred or three hundred yuan a month is estimated on the ceiling. So webmaster Wangzhuan forum often said, to make novice friends, don’t spend too much time to do Wangzhuan, with half an hour to an hour or so every day, the end point of the most of the advertising do Wangzhuan can. Other time is spent studying or doing other things. As for surfing, you can not affect the current things under a few hours can also be. However, simply open the computer, in order to hang surfing project, it would be too much loss.

1, first of all, talk about trends. After the first year of video, there has been a lot of questioning. Now, as an insider, what new ideas or new attempts have you made for the profit model of video websites? Some people say that with the advent of the era of self media, network video will be a major trend, and even replace people watching TV habits, then you for the domestic video site development trend of how to see? In which direction will the breakthrough be made or will it be lost? Will the big reshuffle happen this year?

in many types of Wangzhuan, for most people, I think the real way through Wangzhuan to solve the problems of life and even build up the family fortunes of only one, is through. Through a valuable website, you can get satisfaction income. In fact, you see, do you click on items, surfing projects, research projects, are not all for-profit sites? Those webmasters do not rely on building this site and get satisfaction income? Including the webmaster Wangzhuan forum, also is the use of website to promote Wangzhuan, obtain the proceeds?

answer: each has its advantages, many companies are doing such a thing, similar to the advertising alliance, but the benefits brought to the video site is not ideal, advertising is the need for professional knowledge, not everyone can

video site profit model launched in BOBO network we have a good idea, ubiquitous advertising and subversive advertising display effect, so the advertisement profit this one we do not worry, we need most now is the online video advertising in the form of acceptance.

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