A do not give up the webmaster in the ah mother League earn 3000 yuan per monthSogou CEO Wang Xiaoc

has a lot of love, to face a tricky demand, let me get room for growth. At ChinaRen, the boss said you did a CMMS system, a content management system. I asked what the content management system was, and the boss wasn’t sure.


, look, how did I soar from 300 to 3 million a month in a month?. 08 years, I built a class forum with Discuz, playing with, and then someone out of 10 thousand and 4 of the price to buy my domain name. I took 14 thousand yuan, alone to another city, rented a house, pulled broadband, ready to do a good job, and then too naive, ha ha.

original address: ssnvx/Html/? 3620.html

graduated three years ago the biggest gain is what? As a programmer and leader of the liberal arts students in different? For Internet work? We have the honor will he go to the park geeks geeks absolutely into the campus activities, listen to him to the 5 recommendations of students


it’s a painful process for me to write a program from one person to two people, because I’ve done very well before. Work >

, many people collaborate to complete the work, although not write their own code freely and perfect, but this final benefit and output is the highest, you need to accept an imperfect.

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in 1996 because of the International Olympic informatics competition gold medal was recruited into the Department of computer science, Tsinghua University, and then joined the Sohu, senior technical manager until the senior technical director. In September 16, 2013, Tencent to $448 million strategic stake Sogou, Wang Xiaochuan continued to be a director and CEO once again attracted attention.

has learned a truth in this, so long as you don’t give up, success will take you far. Some people said a word, do not give up, there is success%50


then I constantly found that the boss has his ideas, but many ideas are not mature, it gives you a chance to help him to think, on the one hand the job done, and you can help the boss what he conceived, facing the question of how, even before he wants good solutions you can think of, this time the boss you rest assured, give you more space. I grew up not with the boss’s clear needs, but with the company’s career.

particularly large companies are easy to get bogged down in the process, you face the assessment is a document. In Microsoft, IBM, you are just a screw, can not see the idea behind it, why is such a set of management processes?. To medium-sized companies, with the growth of the company, to improve their fastest.

later introduced by friends, ah, the mother League is good, try, I embrace the attitude of desperation to apply, after 2 days of review, and finally see the audit through. I sent 10 ads, the price of each ad 80 yuan a week, 2 days later, incredibly no one to buy, 3 days, 4 days, or no one to buy. Until the morning of the sixth day, the habit of opening my website, check the advertising, found a gray white has been the purchase of advertising signs, is illegal to believe his eyes, oh 10 ads were all sold out. Well, a month actually has 3200 bucks.

The change of

this article starts: Fashion Women Network www.ssnvx

with the network, the establishment of the threshold is more and more, just download a source can build a website, a lot of people want to make money through the website, can build a station, but how to make money do not know how to start?.

core tips what were the biggest gains in the three years before graduation? Where are the differences between programmers and leaders? Are liberal arts students fit for Internet work? Listen to Sogou CEO, Wang Xiaochuan’s 5 advice to college students.

want to earn income through advertising, promotion and publicity after numerous efforts until finally when the settlement, but was closed. Poor。 Then change the family bar, hard work a month down to get 300 dollars, buckle amount and buckle badly, a friend advised me to give up, even picking garbage than you do that site strong. Yes, a month to earn 300 quick, even the rent can not afford. Since the establishment of the station, I have met quite a few net friends. I have persisted in their encouragement and support.

please keep this link and this statement, contrary to this reserved, ah mom ad.

Curve Wrecker successfully become the technology system of excellent programmer, and as a geek spirit CEO made the application of Sogou input method etc. National People’s favorite, surrounded by a halo of his success, since that is devoted to the work, not to skip the slot for more than ten years, facing the blustery change peculiar "I keep working on" the pursuit of.

learns to accept the imperfect spirit of sharing

provides a clearer way of thinking for the boss

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