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and Facebook, who want to connect to the world’s social networks, may be the world’s smallest social product, because it’s a product designed for two people.

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people on the "sex toys", carefully conceal mentioning.

at the beginning of 90s the first adult sex shops opened, some well-known manufacturers such as the early "family of four in Liaoyang, Wenzhou, Shenzhen Baile lovers product beauty, Shenzhen summer extraordinary fast growing, small channels orange color and colorful Valley, Taohuawu, love to have appeared.

"in that" the world’s smallest social product "is a friend joked, handy to write into App Store in pure fun, interesting, but with our service and the concept of the relationship is not, this sentence has not existed for a long time." Little affectionate founder Huang Yutao said.

editor’s note: 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs Conference http://s.2013.loohua/ will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, technology media network, TechWeb and spray the Organizing Committee jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.

small loving founder Huang Yutao TechWeb pictures

for such a target, the user is a couple or couple products, some of the same type of marriage products are more willing to introduce emotional analysis elements in product design. As was in the field of marriage serial entrepreneur Huang Yutao Ian in love and did not join any emotional design analysis.

he earned interest, and finally appeared on the new board of a profitable fun electricity supplier, breaking the fun, electricity supplier is difficult to profit impasse.

puff said: some things, not a night after, we are not in a hurry……

spring uncle Lin Degang as early as in 2003 founded the Huang Tiancai hall, founded in 2011. He, however in the horse before Allison, these "farming" after 70, 80 has been very depressed". The concept of consumption is conservative and outdated, and many practitioners have to hide it

he formerly known as "cost-effective", on-line in April 2012, is the first mobile terminal products online shopping mall. In May 2013, the middle capital took a fancy to its market value of the spice products, and invested 5 million in his interest by 25 million. Then, he is interested in almost a year of financing, from 25 million valuation to 650 million valuation, the amount of financing from the angel round of 5 million to the B round of 85 million……

facts verify that such concepts and directions are more reliable. From Sina micro-blog close client hot, all kinds of couples private application of fast, deliver a common information — experienced a widespread sense of social networking, the Internet hangs a private wind. Because of the pervasive privacy needs of users – some content "don’t want" to share with others, some content "can not" share with others, some content "inappropriate" to share with others.

some vents do not have to grab, grab also white grab……

‘s "private" concept even fits into the idea of small love products. Huang Yutao said, there are some things we do not, are clearly communicated to the user, such as a map, which can let one side cause discomfort function, the user needs again, we will not provide. Although many couples put forward the needs of positioning, it is in love and passion stage, once the quarrel, this feature is likely to let one party began to use for supervision, the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits.



however, the gross profit margin as high as 40% of the interest rate is still facing a difficult problem of profitability, the voices of doubt come one after another.

since April 2016, "lovers health" has become the new three spice "spice products first shares", the interest industry to open the capital market. Subsequently, his interest, spring house, Taohuawu has been listed on the new board.

spring ZhaxianOnly a short while ago

Tao Chi Qi Yanan contributing joint reported

Abstract: Despite the pioneers of lying on the beach, although entrepreneurs and investors have in the lonely night fell dejected, but they did not retreat. In 2016, there were still "honey", "science and technology", "Bai fun science and technology" and other projects to obtain financing. He injected a stimulant interest profit to the industry, then perhaps there will be more good news.


Ian product concept of love is: just listen to the suggestions and needs of users, no longer listen to the experts.

in Huang Yutao’s eyes, the little love is mainly to help achieve three things: to promote communication, enhance understanding and enrich life. In short, selling is fun". For example, "to love", "I know the man heard his girlfriend or wife made this request will be wild with joy."

due to policy reasons, manufacturers can only accept overseas orders, China is considered to be a big producer of interest products, in the peak period accounted for 95% of the world market. Since most of the products are exported, the domestic consumption ratio is very low. At the same time, there are hardly any domestic brands that can be called famous brands. After a "passion", these companies are facing death threats. The four families in the summer of odd founder at present has turned green, love, beauty, etc. have accumulated Tupper face different degrees of transformation; the glory of the garden of Eden, life is completely disappeared in the margin before 2008.

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