Jia Yueting maybe success may die on the road to successAction and persistence on the way to SEO

outside the chain, do not have the resources to do, I will follow the tutorial the complimentary resources package, according to there, how to send me as you understand, I now look at the chain was issued, the anchor text do I want to cry, the anchor text is not a key word of my site. At that time I joined several groups, they see the light talk. Hey, so, the website of ups and downs, then until I met a man, I did not say the name, I saw his website, then I contacted him, the man is good, from that time, my understanding of SEO, there is a new field, he taught me this text links, also have the effect, then I followed him, doing, then every day to see the site included with the number of the chain in growth, is that when I come into contact with the original, I was naive to think of it, I according to the speed of the development, is not long go home now, however, sh419’s algorithm 2 good times don’t last long, Scindapsus update website >

Jia Yueting loves singing "wild son". The song sang the voices of many entrepreneurs, including him – defying the difficulties, running in the wind, and blowing their hearts.

one day in April, in the center of the center as the music sports ecology, when slowly traveling 50 meters as the music, super car "LeSEE" automatic homing demonstration finished. At that moment, Jia Yueting suddenly silent, tears wet eyes.

, of course, there’s another explanation for the less optimistic people: the Internet bosses all like the song because there’s a lyric – "blow it!"". This is also the music as the most controversial place Outsiders: apple and friends behind the shelling, as the music radical model and the risk behind it.

, but his business, in the eyes of friends, the industry is too high threshold, too risky to persuade him to give up. However, later proved that Jia Yueting bet on the market, took less than 1 years, got a local operator >

three months ago, I decided to do online studio, to give up the industry, find a job, for a long time at home doing nothing more than computer, around the circle, which has experienced a lot of "story", ah, do not know to have with us, always live in my world, but in the outside, and a feeling of social misfits. Just stumble for a long time, then I apply for a company to do network promotion, the truth, when I went to the job, I still have a little impression on this aspect, but involve specific how to do, I am really very good, however, I started from that time I set foot on the road SEO.

Jia Yueting has repeatedly denied, saying that because of speculation about his personal background, leading to the company was misunderstood, and even questioned. In fact, I was born in an ordinary middle school teacher’s family, and engaged in the Internet industry, in order to circle their own dreams.

seems to have entered the age of 40, Jia Yueting still kept to the outside world: whether the doubts in the automotive field noisy clamor new intruder a few brushes? As "cattle" can be realized? From LETV to music as film, TV, and mobile phone to the super car, depicting an ecological environment the "platform + content + terminal + application four button behind, Jia Yueting really want to a game of chess?

at a dinner table, he has a certain understanding of the telecommunications industry, when the China Telecom suddenly emerging industries, the base station battery market blank. Jia Yueting sees the business prospects, this year, he registered his siebr Communication Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanxi.

, the birthplace of Jia Yueting, Shanxi, is an easy place to think about. As the music has just emerged, Jia Yueting has been dubbed the "coal boss" and "rich two generations" label.

has seen a lot of articles in A5, but did not carefully written articles, today the courage to sign up to this talk.

until 2001, a chance to let Jia Yueting understand the "base station equipment", began a key turning his early business.


when I signed up for a training class, will watch every day, so every day I wear, every day, read the tutorial, heart have a little idea, but also know how to do, then, I began to practice. The first construction site very miserably, bought a template, I do not know where to sell, ask template, people indifferent, I really want to say to you at that time: MLGB. But no, after all, just entering this line, no contacts, and later encountered some problems, it is estimated that we have to ask people. On such a day, I change the template, and then add the goods, so I finished revising, site title, description, keywords, etc., I also follow the tutorial, then add my own understanding, made headlines, said websites need tutorial, domain name, space, then I buy the domain name space, then buy the domain name it is not bad, but I thought the results, so the line on the website, ha, I was naive to think that, oh, fierce, waiting outside the chain, and then look at the ranking day up. Ha ha, now think of me at that time, really is very silly, very naive.

and its latest "Crazy" note is "beyond Tesla."."

communications started

public information shows that in September 1995, Jia Yueting graduated from the University of Shanxi province in Yuanqu Province Local Tax Bureau as a network technology administrator, work less than a year to resign. Subsequently, Jia Yueting served as general manager of Yuanqu Shanxi excellent industrial company, during which Jia Yueting also tried to run a computer training school.

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