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seasons, spring, winter last year also questioned the bike sharing pseudo demand, finally truly become the city’s landscape, capital forward-looking and enthusiasm have been fully reflected in this field. In January, D completed its $200 million round of financing Mobell after officially entered the ranks of the unicorn.

after a series of summary, I choose: shopping guide website, regardless of the Commission level, choose; professional website only choose Commission, higher, but not necessarily the highest. However, there is a general principle: the product market is good and the price is moderate. I don’t really choose a product with a high commission but a high price.

then I changed to low commission, but sold a lot, but the commission amount is too low! A single turnover of only a few cents, all down dozens of pen, bills are long, seems to have a sense of achievement, but the commission only 10 yuan. Ha ha, this is not what I want,


before this round of entrepreneurial tide coming, venture capital market is not like now so hot, the market can be called the beast, often appear "stand head and shoulders above others" situation. However, with the mass entrepreneurship "tornado" sweeping across the north and south, the capital began to storm, the unicorn is no longer so rare.


in general, the novice to do Taobao passengers should pay attention to a few more important issues.

I have a low commission program and a high commission program.

was difficult to stick to it, ready to give up, but to see the Taobao customer income rankings, the top weekly income of more than 20 thousand yuan, envy, and not willing to sit down! So, carefully review before the doings, and everywhere to find information, global forum, after slowly explore, finally find some doorways slightly dense willow trees and bright flowers.

1. How to choose goods

I’ve been a Taobao customer for over a year now, and I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. The first monthly income is 0, and the second monthly income is 0… The income for fourth months is 0.94 yuan. The first impression is always very deep. Ha ha!.


, I chose a high commission, but I couldn’t make it for a few weeks. I was very depressed when I checked my accounts.

Taobao has hundreds of millions of goods, and commissions ranging from $1 to $200. Do I have to choose a high commission? I don’t think there is a fixed pattern. Choose either level, depending on your situation.

big investments continue to enter, create a unicorn, but ushered in the so-called winter capital, investors out of more cautious calm, throwing money at the crazy period has passed, the number of the unicorn is shrinking. According to CB Insights data, in 2014, there are 23 new unicorn in the market; in 2015, there are 40; by 2016, there were only 12.

2017 will come 1/3, this trend will continue to sprout? NewSeed ID:pelink according to the amount of financing and other public information collected in 2017 the new Shanxi unicorn, we see from them, and capital for air chase, still spare no effort. And the growing maturity of the company, after a round of financing, and in their own field of formation of advantages, but also for the capital of all ages.

first shows the April 20th account income, which is just one of many accounts. Master, no jokes.

I share my experiences of twists and turns, so as to minimize detours. Because the process of exploration in the dark is very painful and long, and I have received many selfless help from enthusiastic people. Writing these is also a kind of feedback.

2015, questioned Hu Weiwei in "crazy for you", adhere to the founder of the v-mobile, in a public speech, she mentioned again and again, this venture is a warm story about the interaction of people and the cold city and believes that if a city popular bike, the city’s happiness index must be very high.


"car was unloaded two wheels as dismembered two legs, was also" so put the boytipping ‘bike, all the way to hear it seems to groan, the murderer is our humanity." When the bike sharing is called "national mirror", it is deeply rooted in the hearts of. Even if there is a pool of funds, etc.

Abstract: large investment continued to enter, creating a unicorn, but in the so-called capital winter, investors shot more cautious, calm. The valuation of $1 billion represents, to some extent, the success of a start-up company. But for entrepreneurs, being a unicorn is far from the end of entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of the

Valuation: $3 billion

1, v-mobile

How these new

Shanxi Unicorn status, they lurk behind what capital "Hunter" — see below:


I’ve done a number of different websites myself, mainly divided into two broad categories. One is shopping guide category, product all inclusive; one kind is vertical professional type, such as weight loss, eye cream. Because the shopping guide website is similar to the supermarket, the user base is very broad, the demand is also all encompassing, we do not know what they really need. The product is rich, so in theory, the total sales will be many. The needs of professional web users are very clear, and what is needed is to give them one

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