Personal web site to ensure stable income select the advertising alliance is the keyThis company is

recommends several well-known advertising associations in the industry for your reference.

start-up projects announced a series of financing news, and then announced the annual expansion plan, charging treasure leasing is considered after cycling, and another is labeled "share economy" label new tuyere.


A++    Ali alliance;>

first, the down front traffic was ignored, but it was valuable. Since 2016, the nine venture has been consciously refocusing on the line. Charging treasure leasing this line with the line related, to avoid the monopoly of online traffic, and this demand is rigid.

doesn’t need any auditing, so long as you have a station that you can control, you can. Registration is more troublesome, you need to see clearly every item registered, and the train of thought of foreign countries is different from that of chinese. shlf1314 advertising click income is still relatively high, mainly text type of "competitive type" advertising, you can always view revenue, analysis of advertising revenue sources, according to this analysis to adjust their advertising placement.

A++    shlf1314, AdSense, https://s.shlf1314/

public news shows, charging treasure leasing company, street technology also get billion yuan level A round financing.

original title: shared charging treasure fire. The startup is ready to die in the rush, the founders will spend three months of the one hundred million


in the final analysis, or recommend you, to ensure that the site is normal and stable advertising revenue, must select a good advertising alliance. There is a long-term stable advertising alliance, regardless of the long-term development of their website, or from the point of view of website revenue, are indispensable. A few years ago, the advertising alliance has been gaining momentum, and many personal websites have switched to advertising alliances. From the beginning of last year, China Mobile introduced the policy, strict regulation of SP operators, single "two confirmations" one, do not know how many dead SP enterprises, followed by a series of chain reaction occurs, most rely on advertising alliance advertising SP, began to face a tough choice of transformation of OR’s death. Some of the changing advertising strategies that fail to succeed in the advertising alliance can survive only by a small amount of advertising.

in fact, in the charging treasure leasing field, call technology is not the first company announced to get financing. In March 31st, the intelligent wireless charging equipment "small power" announced the acquisition of millions of Yuan Angel round of financing, venture capital and investment led by Jinsha River Wang Gang, with the German capital, CMB international capital and other institutions with investment, pccw.

Yuan Bingsong is charging treasure rental enterprise "call technology" founder. In April 5th, the first day of the Qingming Festival after the call technology announces $20 million A round of financing, by SIG and China red collar vote, nine venture capital and Scud chairman of the individual with the cast, "so far the largest amount of industry".

why after watching several project selection call technology? Miaocheng Xu mentioned four reasons:


in April 2nd, two in the morning, Yuan Bingsong in the last round of the office with A investment Chinese red dot signing the agreement, then the red dot Chinese investors sent home to Yuan Bingsong, "I am afraid that second days sleep together again".

second, caller Tech’s BD capabilities. Aside from the traffic, the most important ability of the wave under the line is the ability to capture channels. This is actually a B2B2C business, need to deal with a variety of formats, the team’s ability to channel development has very high requirements. And call technology should be the current format of the most extensive coverage.

Yuan Bingsong right and his chief of staff left

on the second day announced financing news, "Chinese entrepreneur" magazine at a cafe in Beijing an interview with Yuan Bingsong to talk about cooperation fatigued with the journey to Beijing. "Now you get a lot of money, must lay down the running." He said, eagle-eyed excited mood.

nine Venture Capital Manager Xu Miaocheng evaluation of Yuan Bingsong is, "very grounded, very strong executive power, very wolf."". As A round with the cast side, nine venture capital in the call technology valuation is not determined before hit the deposit, finalized with cast identity and share ratio.

recently read stationmaster net advertising version, often find that stationmaster of a lot of the site suffered a "cheater alliance", a lot of grievances to the webmaster friends talk, a lot of shady going to expose. In fact, the big woods, what birds are, advertising alliance development well, there will be some bad people, to be opportunistic, use their dominant position, to buckle a "station, take a walk, let a bad Chourou good pot of porridge" tendency.

therefore, choose advertising alliance must look at the brand, look at the credibility, and then look at the advertising price is how much, what kind of advertising, suitable for their own site investment. There are a lot of advertising alliance formal, the need to apply the website owners to do the audit, but in fact, this alliance cautious behavior, officially out of a responsible attitude, realize the goal of advertisers, website owners, advertising alliance win-win results, otherwise, without any restrictions, just to get a page can obtain advertisement the code, the final result may all be satisfied. It can be said that the more you need to check the advertising alliance, the more likely the alliance is trustworthy, because such an alliance is really the thing to do when a career is done.

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