Entrepreneurship you will encounter what pitsMy little station became a money making tool for the a

1, unforeseen expenses,

when you start your business for the first time, almost everything is in a state of instability. You don’t have the time, ability or experience to develop guidelines for all the work in the company. As a result, your employees will try their best to work, but your work flow will be diversified.

meticulous budget staff hate this situation. If you have calculated all the product costs, including the cost of raw materials, the estimated cost of renting the manufactured product, the labor costs before the product is manufactured, and so on. You’ve done your best to budget all the considerations, and you expect a 35% profit, an average of the industry.

3, fraud


do not give you more detail, don’t explain to you, because he is advertising, we help them is a tool to make money, perhaps because advertisers procedures loopholes, but look back and think why Tai Chi alliances have a month to drag the cost of advertising, the advertising revenue and a webmaster there seems to be a bit tricky month

2, process consistency,


in the early days of entrepreneurship, it’s not a big deal. You’re going to do "temporary creations" in most areas anyway, but it’s going to drive you crazy when you start to formalize the process. Try to strengthen practice and be consistent in the beginning.

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obviously, you know there is such a fraud, people in order to get the money will do anything, but in the business of moving toward formal, very easy to be unexpected surprise. Be sure to pay more attention to potential fraud.

wish the Chinese stationmaster is all plain sailing,

really depressed mood, just received customer representatives to Tai Chi alliance "Hello, I am the Tai Chi chain customer service representative, we regret to inform you that the advertiser’s data feedback, we found that the abnormal love your product data, I’m sorry I need to temporarily freeze your account, other we welcome you again on the company, and we hope you can follow the operation specification, thank you for your cooperation."


small station road is difficult, even the rare advertising alliance K reason do not know, that our website is just affiliate tools for money, we have earned the station hard costs will be at


but if you really start your business, you will find that what you are preparing for is not a fatal challenge in your business. And the challenges you don’t prepare will end up dragging you down. Unfortunately, many of the entrepreneurial challenges have never been mentioned.

if the plastic prices, how to do? If you choose to appear in mechanical flaws, you must update to a more expensive model, how to do? If you expected before the resignation of employees, how to do? These are just some of the possibilities. There is no doubt that these unexpected costs will eat up your profits.

these days because of the pioneer chain exchange flow unit price reduction, so exchange to flow more than usual, advertising data will increase. It is for this reason that the Tai Chi coalition has refused to pay 200712 months’ Commission and 200801 months’ Commission for all claims on the basis of data anomalies. In the process of negotiation, the Chi Chi alliance customers can not always take concrete proof of the construction rules, completely with their data, there is an exception, a stick to kill!

people will take advantage of you. This is the true state of modern business. If you serve users through the e-commerce platform, they will use the return terms for you. If you serve high-end business users, they will cheat you on the note. If you want to take out the money, you may be taken to court.

editor’s note: ANNA JOHANSSON, author of this article, is a freelance writer who analyzes the challenges that few people mention on the road to entrepreneurship.

when you start your business, you will know that you will face many risks and challenges. Do you know your income will no longer be stable at least not in a period of stability, you know you will sacrifice before the individual career development opportunities, you also know that your ideas are quite likely will die. These are common sense, and most entrepreneurs who start their businesses will be prepared for them.

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