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Adsense is strongly recommended that they believe that promising commercial sites targeted Adsense advertising. For example, your car class site is doing well, and Adsense will contact you to put a Ford car ad on your site, so the CPC will be much higher. Of course, this treatment only for those shlf1314 fancy website. Adsense sees the commercial value of a website, which determines the advertising value of the site, and shlf1314 is responsible for the money spent by advertisers. Unfortunately, most of the personal Chinese blogs won’t be taken seriously by shlf1314. All kinds of cheating on these sites also give shlf1314 headaches.

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Unless you are Adsense

recently closed Chinese news blog account is very hot, prompting the crowd to discuss, friends NewsInChina also issued some opinions on their use of shlf1314 Adsense advertising Chinese blog, from the iHotop finishing.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

watched several IT bigwigs warily discuss the Adsense Title event. As non IT people, but also have Adsense account users, I also talk about my view. Chinese blog is really not suitable for Adsense, because the advertising match is too bad. If you rely on this to make money, it is best to a professional product website, such as: beauty, health and so on. Adsense matches very well in English, depending on your content. But it’s a mess in Chinese, no matter what you write, there are always some men’s health / cosmetic ads, so you might as well do it.


are an important and valuable website Moonlight blog belong to this category, has been Adsense as an example, materials or your Chinese website Adsense ad Click is not worth the money, 1 cents a click is common. By Adsense blocked account, really no way, can only think bad luck. As a personal webmaster, can only do not do anything against TOS, but for TOS understanding, who said that clear. If one day I get the title, I can only think of bad luck. But I still want to say, as of now, Adsense is the best advertiser, no >

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Nana Mimi virtual community CPA new round of promotion on-line. Register successfully, download the game client, and enter the game as a result. Real-time authentication. Games, animation, entertainment, leisure sites priority! Welcome webmaster active launch. Thank you for your support and cooperation,

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as far as I know, making money through Adsense which means a lot of money is available on the website, but it’s all commercial sites. I haven’t heard about personal Chinese blogs. I can earn money by this. The Adsense team is concerned with what they consider important websites and can enjoy shlf1314 specialist telephone guidance and advice. For example, a website for beauty / cosmetics or something like that. shlf1314 will never mess up their accounts, and it will be more effective in directing these stations to place Adsense code, which is the setting of advertising bits.

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