SEO rising space blocked grassroots webmaster road where

must have a lot of grassroots webmaster or know some SEO, because this is one of the best channel website to get high quality flow, and personal success started by SEO are not uncommon. But that able to perform wonders (hereinafter referred to as gold) SEO should not become the mainstream, it is only a small branch of the operation of the network, but between the habit of taking shortcuts, many grassroots Adsense will be through a variety of means (such as black hat SEO) allows the site to quickly get good rankings in search engines, SEO is not normal to the website operation protagonist. This can be seen from the Baidu.

force response


Internet in today’s environment, the rule of 28 will be irreversible is obvious, further compression of grassroots space will rise, whether the Internet or the real economy will be almost in a state of.

seamless drill

grassroots webmaster day and night make the original, outside the chain to find resources, have a dream that one day keywords have rankings on all the OK. But the Baidu 628 series and plant algorithm were introduced, many Webmaster Station is not in the sandbox is plucked, originally " trading peibenzhuanyaohe is " if cast to the wind only by SEO to obtain the flow of the site that was directly put up the shutters. There is no doubt that SEO will become more and more transparent, but also more and more difficult, SEO staking era is gone. You might say such beautiful, said a rebate network, a well-known blog, a forum is how to get rich, you can read their history and business model, think you can also follow success. But able to perform wonders believes in the Internet, the successful model of others thinking about it, because today’s environment and not yesterday The same. To really imitate, it is not a website, you will be made by the site, penguins are afraid to say success, such as Teng letter micro-blog.

must consider this factor in the competition at the beginning of the site, if the industry is not rotten stew (such as SEO) would you like to go with the fire, the last is not even soup to drink? Now think the future development of grassroots channels although blocked, but the gate closed before or so a ray of light, but the pay is not only hard, is in need of more insight, build your territory.

e-commerce segmentation category


e-commerce has blossom everywhere in China, with the major Internet giants have competition in e-commerce, but now think of electronic commerce sub categories or give grassroots webmaster provide some space. The future logistics will further optimize the point that Ma Yun’s rookie network proposed 24 hours will be reached will be realized in the concept. The near future, logistics speed will make more goods to hot up in electronic commerce, such as higher requirements on the shelf life of products, of course, this is just one. With the development of express optimization speed and Internet, online shopping for.

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