Do your own station let Baidu K go

from the moment to do that station, I have been in the hearts of the webmaster "God" Baidu and helpless and helpless. But I myself are so incompetent. Because Baidu after exposure this several times, I think of our webmaster should no longer be so harsh, but the fact is not the case, as long as the owners of the place, as long as there is where Baidu will have a K station, do you K I would give up if only a? Ordinary garbage station, a dime of corn I can also give up, because without you I Baidu, there is no source of import traffic but, I am not a by gathering a dumpster you earn traffic, if I spend money to buy corn N 1000 the price of money, spend N for written procedures, N spent much sweat to create today’s website appearance, just because you K I give up? I want to shout out today, do their own station, let Baidu K


as usual, open ADMIN5 to see some articles, and do other things, everyone in the discussion, said Baidu has released some of the old station, go to SITE among several N own years ago a few, "I’m sorry, but still find little and Xxx. Com related content… " several new site a few handy just doing their own, want to see and not included, but also good, more than yesterday included dozens, snapshot is yesterday, I thought Baidu was CCTV a really put our webmaster looking in, this is only to the first words before at noon to see the original page row keyword over more than 10 pages are not see. Direct input URL, no content, site did not find the relevant page, there is only one answer, my station has been Baidu K… I really want to sing a song, "why was K always me?" "

, I don’t know whether this is the fifth or the sixth Baidu K. I can swear to god. I didn’t go to the acquisition, not to cheat, did not go to the black hat, every day I have to update the number of articles, although not much, but each column below will have a day’s article, although not original, at least the head and tail of title I give pseudo pseudo, some people say that the link has to be K I didn’t stand in the tool, to check, I’m afraid Baidu does not endorse, one by one to Baidu’s own SITE, not a K, the Baidu K station needs a reason? Perhaps the answer is really classic phrase "don’t need"

each K station is like this, the situation is not the same but also approximately, know their SEO level is not at home, but some common sense things believe they also understand that some of SEO’s low-level error or not to do keyword stuffing, the title did not turn over, all I can think of that, make group of master look, where into Baidu, no one can see where there is a place to offend Baidu.

is full of SEO topics, and I don’t know if those so-called "real" SEO really exist, i.

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