Some personal opinions on how to develop a site navigation station


Li Xingping’s hao123 acquisition by Baidu, site navigation websites have been the focus of many grassroots webmaster, everyone knows if the navigation website development is very profitable, and site construction cost is very low, especially the 114la open source program, prompting many long join web site navigation site ranks, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like development up. Some of these sites have developed, but most of the webmaster’s Web site is flat, competition is very fierce, come in, the network giants have joined the site competition, let grassroots day more sad.

then, is there any future for the site navigation station? If we start doing the navigation station, can we still develop it? How should we develop it?

first answer the first question, personally feel that the site navigation station is still very promising. Why do you say so? We can review some of the hot spots at this website. 1., Baidu enabled hao222 domain name independent development, although hao123 is also own, hao123 that year to Baidu traffic contribution should be not small. 2., thunder also want to get a slice from the navigation station, opened 155 entertainment website navigation. A further period of time is 360, by security browser, soon to develop their own navigation station. From the major giants to join we can see that the web site is very promising, after all, many novice Internet web site is the Internet entrance, they do not understand the search, do not know how to search the Internet giant to expand the number of its users, so for the novice is very necessary, because these users are relatively more loyal. Therefore, the URL station is still very promising.

for the second issue, due to the addition of the giants, the competition is fierce, giant financial and human resources, we grassroots webmaster can not be compared, but the giants have a large number of users, so that we have no opportunity to develop? Review of the original web site development, some early users rely on the website the word of mouth, some rely on some software and so on developed, some rely on a software development, some rely on advertising and so on. Throughout the site development process, we have always been able to find some web sites, in the fierce competition in the development of. As a result, the website can still develop, but in this process you may have to pay a lot of effort.

so how do you develop? I’m here to give you my personal opinion. 1. and the whole web site more difficult to do, because users have become accustomed to the site, and the site also has a famous reputation, you do not use web users heart alert, you want the user to in a strange site on the open Chinese bank website to enter the password? We should form their own the characteristics, rather than directly using the online source code, users will produce fatigue. Starting from the real needs of users, users can add some commonly used tools such as weather forecast, in the home mobile phone inquiries, such as schedule to achieve these functions is not complicated, but it is the needs of users. >

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