Why are you poor stationmaster

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, most websites are in a loss, and there is not much to profit from. I am also one of them, engaged in Webmaster career less than a year, but feel a lot in school can not learn. After graduation has not found the ideal job, doing business, have a single page, one year after graduation was hard to find a web site about the aspects of the work, through friends know what is SEO, what is the search engine optimization. Then in the company do the station, optimize the site, but the company has not developed, and now resigned at home. Www.shise365.com, this is my first site. Just on-line for three days, I hope Baidu quickly included ah. As a webmaster from the countryside, I also hope that through the network business success, you can get rid of poverty and lead a happy life. But most of the webmaster pay a lot, why still can not get rid of the poor state?.

said that all the reasons for success in running a business are the same. The reasons for the failure are different from each other. But for many people, the failure in his entrepreneurial time has been doomed, below let us see why these people can not always succeed, or even poorer from poorer.

a person is very poor before, live clothing from the body, eat not preserved days, there was a rich man to pity him, decided to help him become rich. The rich man sent him a cow, and told him to make good reclamation, and sowed the seeds in spring, and he could reap it in autumn.

gets the help of an honored man, and the poor naturally hope and begin to struggle. But not a few days, cattle to eat grass, people to eat, life is more difficult than in the past. So he thought, better sell the cow, buy a few sheep, first kill one to eat, and the rest can have a lamb, sheep grow up, you can sell more money.

no, no two, the poor man’s plan comes true. But after he had eaten a sheep, the lamb was not born yet. It was a difficult day, and he could not help eating another sheep. Poor people think, this is not a way to go, it is better to sell the sheep, buy chicken, chicken eggs faster. The day will soon get better.

the poor man sold the sheep like a chicken in such a smooth way, but it didn’t improve. Because, when can’t live in the day, he could not help but kill, finally only a chicken to the poor ideal thoroughly collapse. I thought rich is hopeless, as the chicken sold, bought a pot of wine, drown our sorrows.

second years of spring, rich in the best of spirits sent seeds, found the poor Zuiwo on home as pour as a church mouse. The rich man walked off in despair.

the poor continue to live in poverty……

in reality, people who want to become rich have all had dreams, and they must have had good opportunities and actions, but few really stick to it. That’s where they are. From this story, we can see that when there is no money, no matter how difficult it is, don’t use your investment and savings. The pressure will make you find a new way to make money

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