Several points of attention before website construction

when I look back, it has been five years since I was a station. In these five years, there are bitter, sweet, rewarding and lost memories, as in yesterday. Some people say good, experience can use time to accumulate, so here, I will share with you a little bit of my little gains.

looked out of the window. The leaves, let my thoughts back to the past.

first said about how to see the opportunity, I still go to school on 2006, was a computer tutorial and cooperation Station, the students do not know where to get an article, said the industry is standing and local station will be popular. I was so excited, and I don’t think that the opportunity to stop when I think that after all is said and done, the industry station and the local station are large have a lot of, should not be a chance to say we can’t do at school. Later, this idea was dispelled, and now it seems that I have 90% mistakes, if that time seriously do local stations, certainly will now be successful. So this example tells you that what others have said is not necessarily outdated, and that opportunities are available at any time, depending on how you manage them and how you discover the underlying implications.

and how to make a website, said this may be a joke, if the joke please pass, because there are at least 30% people there will be mistakes, how to choose the domain name and website space and name the site in the early.

, a domain name, the domain name is a site of the soul, in the early stages of the site, the best choice for an easy to remember, easy to read, next year can renew the domain name. Some people may want to cheap, looking for those registered very cheap domain name, and some may fly the next year, that is, stand big, domain name is gone, how do you do?.

two, space, space is a site of the body, in the early stages of the site, a lot of people will attach great importance to the control, but some people tend to cost from ancient times to the present, has always been a penny. This I understand most deeply, I used 30 yuan 1G space, also used 500 yuan 1G space, why, because 30 yuan I threw, can not use. Look, it’s a space, but it can’t be used. What’s the use of it?. So it’s important to choose space. If you need help or more understanding in this area, you can communicate with me.

three, advertising, advertising is a source of revenue for the site, of course, this is for most of the webmaster, and many powerful webmaster is not discussed. If the choice is wrong, the website is hard to develop, so we must pay special attention to choosing an advertising alliance. Specific will no longer say, lest AD suspects.

four, a good learning website. The development of the website is a dynamic process, the webmaster in the course of this development may not have been very strong mentality, has always been A fighting spirit soars aloft. So, when tired, need to add knowledge when you need to know more about the industry dynamics, you need to find a can provide knowledge, and can communicate with the industry platform. Together >

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