Recruitment network to prevent the impact of job off season

any industry, there will be the season and off-season points, talent network is the same. In a year, in addition to March and April over the year, there are 6-9 months more graduates, and other times, relatively speaking, can be regarded as off-season. Off-season job less, but must not be tired of management operations, this relaxation will give the site behind the development of adverse effects.

low season exposure will lead to a decline in site impressions,

for the development of small websites, advertising is a very large expenditure, money is used in the calculation of maximum effect of local bargaining. This caused the peak season when the advertisements were flying all over the place, while in the off-season, the basic advertisements were almost removed. This period of time, the vacancy rate of exposure will greatly affect the site in the user’s impression of a gradual decline. And suppose there were other websites that were making a lot of publicity and the voices were so much louder than you, then people might choose their platform in the next busy season. Although this is a loss making cry, but to cut into the market, for them is also an opportunity.

so, in the off-season, but also try to retain part of the relatively high cost of advertising, although a large area of advertising, advertising should be removed to reduce density rather than reduce the advertising area, so even if the exposure rate has declined, but people’s daily walking, will see the ads. At the same time, can also take some of the use of relatively long products in promotional gifts, such as advertisement umbrella, mouse pad, shopping bag, calendar, fan and so on, all of these can support long advertising, even when you give your off-season direct benefit is not large, but to the the season, they continue to act as the role of advertising.

off-season success rate will affect the site’s brand

for the recruitment network, the success rate is one of the important criteria for user selection. Low season, because the candidates are few, many recruitment enterprises will not spend money to site recruitment, this is easy to cause this time, many users can not find work. Network is a bad thing, easy to spread a thousand miles, even if not a large number of users through the site can not find a job, but also with time and various platforms to expand, slowly affecting the site’s brand.

at this time, the site should do a good job of data analysis, this time is still relatively popular jobs are selected. As we all know, there are many positions with different frequency of substitution. For example, some industries themselves have high turnover rates all year round, while some industries will only show higher job hopping rates later in the year. So, for off-season, find out these still apply for mobile position, and then do special promotion. If the recruitment of enterprises less, you can take the opportunity to do activities to enliven the atmosphere, such as package year to send what other services, or direct how many years to send how many years?. In this way, it can greatly promote the success rate of recruitment during the off-season.

off-season unprepared, peak season will be caught unprepared,

off-season to season >

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