What are the difficulties faced by blog development how to break through the bottleneck

believe that we all know that the Internet on several well-known blogs, such as: Zac personal blog seo posted a blog every day, Lou song song, as well as mouchangqing personal blog and moonlight blog. These blogs are Baidu’s weight and Google PR very high blog, daily traffic of tens of thousands of IP blog. Bloggers are also quite business minded, and no one ever knows that their blogs have developed into well-known blogs. This development of dribs and drabs, sad, bitter, spicy, only their own clear. The following author and I talk about blog development reasons, and how to break through the current situation, your blog development and expansion.

one, blog development does not rise because:

1., if you are now looking for personal blogs from the Internet, you should find thousands or even more. However, these blogs are basically lifeless blogs, no popularity, no one to leave a message. If there is a popular blog, the articles written in it are also very rubbish. Once you have seen it, you don’t want to see it next time.

2. blog on the network, there are many lack of publicity, or do not know how to advertise. Every day only in the blog writing articles, not to promote, you write the article is good, people can’t see, talk about what popularity.

3. blog keyword and content difference is too big, although your publicity in place, the article is written well. But visitors come over to your site and see what they like and leave. These basic personal blog, in order to benefit, and some of the content of the web site irrelevant keywords caused.

two, how to break the bottleneck of Blog:

1. blog must write useful to visitors, your blog every day to record the content, you must have experienced or you know more about the industry. In this way, you can write your experience and experience more carefully, and you will become a loyal fan for visitors who have the same hobby as you.

2. a day to update the one or two posts, visitors also love fresh, your blog is updated every day, every day they will come to see, if you do not update, they see the contents are the same, in the course of time will not come. Do not update the article blog, for SEO optimization is not good, spiders also greedy fresh, if your blog without new articles, long after the spider will not come.

3. will write Bowen as fun, you will not dull, you will not feel every day to write articles and experience is a boring thing. After this better your writing, the things in life can be moved to the blog, let the blog have more rich and colorful content, believe you also love your blog visitors have rich and colorful content show.

4. makes the atmosphere for visitors to have a room for communication, so that your visitors will not feel that only he himself is reading your article. Let everyone who reads your blog can

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