Jewelry to join easy to start a good channel to become rich

would like to venture for a female friend, now with the female consumer capabilities continue to improve, now open a jewelry store is a very good choice, many jewelry stores now, most people choose to open jewelry stores. So jewelry store to make money? Let us look at the opening of a jewelry store success example.

Xinhualu another jewelry stores "silver tripod", is taking the high-end route, so more attention in the decoration and layout, the facade of the building area of 30 square meters. The shop decorated with more than 40 thousand yuan, to do a 1.5 meter long display of a wide range of 0.5 meters, 6 meters long, 0.5 meters wide display cabinet, the glass wall on the wall embedded in the window, the aisle has a showcase of the two 3. How to open jewelry store? Layout is more relaxed and delicate, a total of more than and 600 samples were displayed. But through business practice, the operator felt some regret, the store is not so big, from the outside to see consumers feel the price threshold is high, the lack of intimacy." Gao said the manager, the store location regret. This street is not a collection of high-end goods, consumers are scouring the goods psychological. At present, the monthly turnover of about ten thousand dollars is not a success.
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